half way down the 3000 foot pier

Today I got an opportunity to see what was on top of the Poly Pier after swimming along side it for quite a while now. I got an email from my swim buddy Sylvia letting me know that they’d let the public come check it out between 9 and Noon this morning and I made sure to get up and to the beach early to take advantage of the situation!

The pier was built in 84 after a storm took out the old pier. It used to belong to Unocal but they donated it to Cal Poly when they left town. It’s a little more than half a mile long and used for research now instead of oil transport. They had students and professors showing off their work, their instruments and some animals.

I took a bunch of pictures of my day and made them pretty with instagram, if you have an iphone you should get it, I dig it :) You can follow my photographic adventures on there, I’m “aquarob”

found a caterpillar guarding my doormat on my way out of the house

down on the beach early in the morning

flat and glassy with no real surf today

under the pier at low tide

this part is usually submerged hence the thick coating of crusty sea life

wouldn’t want to brush against that while swimming!

close up of the growths on the pilings

this guy is an isopod, sort of like a pill bug of the sea

entrance to the pier

me and the beard hiking on down with Avila Pier in the distance

view back to the base of the pier, there’s a seal in there somewhere

winding out onto Poly Pier

seagulls enjoying the view

A bunch of crabs from local waters for us to see and touch!

he looks pinch-y

I find these guys jammed between rocks sometimes

gnarly decorator crab

Octopus! These guys are my favorites

giant sea star, they’re kinda squishy

upside down sea star

water sample collector

starfish and sea cucumber touch tank

live video from divers 15-20 feet under the pier!

view back towards town… I’ll be down there in the water tomorrow!

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  1. Lorraine says:

    Wow! Dazzling photos! Thanks for the tour.