A long time ago the nice people over at Underwater Audio sent me a waterproofed iPod to play with. Unfortunately they hit me while I was deep in scholastic focus which has been pretty bad for my swimming. I’ve been getting to the lake/ocean when I can but there has been almost no pool time for me recently. I managed to swim just a little bit with their gadget but not enough to formulate a solid review. I decided to enlist my housemate Kelly to help me out. She swam with it for a few weeks and put a review together for me to make up for me sucking at going to the pool :) So… here we go! – Rob D.

I have been lap swimming for about eight years now, so when Rob asked me to review the waterproof iPod Shuffle, I was super excited. I have always wondered if music can really help with the monotony of lap swimming and make my workouts more enjoyable.

One of the benefits of the iPod shuffle is that I already owned an iPod so downloading my playlists from iTunes was super easy. I signed in and downloaded all my favorite songs onto the new iPod within minutes. It was fast, easy, and ready to go for my next trip to the pool.

After I downloaded music into my new iPod I tried out some of the ear pieces out of the water. I went with one that I thought fit pretty well. The ear piece was similar to one I use daily when working out or listening to music. As I headed to the pool for my first music swimming experience, I decided on a couple of things. First, I was going to attach the iPod onto my swimsuit instead of the cap as suggested. I wanted to be able to change the songs or change the playlist without having to stop and take it off my cap. So I placed it on my swimsuit neck line. I realize this will probably not work for men wearing Speedos, but for me and most women it is a great option.

I also placed my cap over the headphone earpiece which was also suggested in the instructions. This helped keep the headphones in while swimming. As I took my first laps I realized that my music was too soft so I turned up the volume. While swimming, I also realized my earpiece was coming lose, which could be the headphones or water entering my ears from the swimming motion. As I submerged out of the water, I realize the music was blasting in my ears. The next time I pulled my head out of the water, I paused the ipod first, which seemed to work well. Although, the ipod did not seem to work perfectly, I really enjoyed having music while swimming. It was motivating and kept my mind entertained without losing track of my laps.

I used the same earpiece having the same experience with my second trip to the pool; however, on my third trip I decided to change the earpiece to something a bit smaller. It was then that I realize my first earpiece might be great for outside activities, but a smaller earpiece made all the difference in the pool. Once I put the new earpiece in I realized I did not have to turn the volume up super high. It stayed in my ear and did not move around much. I still covered the earpiece with my cap, but the earpiece stayed snug in my ear. The product worked great, and I love using it for swimming and running as well. Although, I fell in love with lap swimming years ago adding music to my workouts have made it a lot more enjoyable, and I would highly recommend the product to everyone. – Kelly P.

You can buy waterproofed iPods from Underwater Audio here. A waterproofed shuffle with ear buds runs about $165 right now which is a pretty decent price for a good waterproofed music device.

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