5 out of 6 Triple Martinians... we'll photoshop Duke into that gap between Dave and Niel :)

This weekend I helped put together a Double Triple Martini event that ended up a triple triple… that sounds confusing but it will all make sense shortly! A while back one of our ocean swimmers Casey, who also happens to be an up and coming pro triathlete, declared an interest in swimming the triple martini. He’d never completed a 10k swim before and wanted something new and challenging to shoot for. Once we found a date that worked with his schedule I went straight to my buddy Dave VM to get him hooked in. He’s a veteran of some big swims like Catalina, Tahoe the long way, and he has plans this summer to do a big lake swim in Sweden that I’m very jealous of. He loved the idea of doing a Triple Martini. Dave digs big local swims and has been covetous of the hats Duke, Niel and I have from the completion of our swims. With him on board I started to pull a plan together and pinned down some kayakers and pace swimmers… eventually we had somewhere around 13 or 14 people involved in this swim to include a surprise entrant in Byron who pace swam 2 laps and decided to just do the whole thing!

Dave and Byron headed for Avila Rock

Anyways there’s a whole long story to go with it that I wrote on the SwimAvila website. Usually Niel does the writing on that website and I just add pictures, but since I was uniquely qualified to write about all the swims going on as roving kayaker and psuedo race director he figured it was best I tell the story.

Casey swimming from Poly Pier to Avila Pier

As a bonus Casey wrote a post from his perspective on his site here.

Byron passing Fossil Point en route to the Poly Pier

I’m sure Dave will wax poetic on the topic in the near future and I’ll make sure to update the blog with a link to that when it comes out! In the meantime check out his Siljan Diary site where he’s been writing about the work up to his swim in Sweden.

Update: here’s Dave’s post on the Martini Swim

Dave rounding Avila Rock with his custom painted olive swim cap!

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