riding horses at Santa Margarita Lake

Things have been quiet around here and I have a fantastically large pile of excuses to choose from for it :) My best one is that my main pool exploded. Some sort of major pump burst and has shut things down for weeks… every time we hit the last best guess as to when we’d open they add another week, it sucks because I don’t belong to any other gyms at the moment. For a while I had access to like 3 or 4 different pools but I cut that back to just the Santa Maria pool. Oh well. I’m thinking about rejoining Pismo Beach Athletic Club so I have a back up pool, plus my girlfriend and housemate both workout there so I’d have company. Beyond facility issues I’ve added 14 units of college classes to my regular work schedule and I’ve been pretty busy getting used to the bonus workload. Thanks to the magic of the GI Bill I’m majoring in Recreation Management at the moment and so far I really dig it. I found out about the program last year when I did the Hancock Splash and Dash with my noon swim workout buddies and this year I’m going to be part of the group running it! Speaking of… the 2013 Hancock Splash and Dash is on April 27th and consists of your choice of either an Aquathon (500 yard swim & 5k run), a 5k run, or just a 500 yard swim. It’s a fundraiser for Hancock Athletics and run by the Recreation Management students. You can sign up on Active.com, it’s $25 to participate or FREE if you’re a student. If you would have an interest in sponsoring an event like that hit me up directly at rob@robaquatics.com, we’re actively seeking sponsors right now… just sayin’ :)


So without my usual pool fix I’ve been off doing other things and that’s probably a good thing. I’ve done some things that are pretty normal for me like limited ocean and lake swimming, lots of bodysurfing, some kayaking, and a little bodyboarding. My Recreation classes have encouraged me to go looking for other activities that I don’t usually do to broaden my recreational horizons a bit. I’ve gone horseback riding, became a roller derby fan, toured a mission, reacquainted myself with rollerskating after a 20 year break, visited a historic light house in Piedras Blancas, hung out with elephant seals, and just today I started a no-grade class through the college on beekeeping which is odd because I’m terrified of bees.

bodysurfing Avila Beach (with the flu! I couldn't stay inside anymore!)

Piedras Blancas Lightstation... worth a visit, bring good binoculars

elephant seals scare me more than sharks I think


bodyboarding Pismo


I got to ring the bells at La Purisima Mission


Roller Derby! I'm hooked... I want to find a men's league to play with

test driving kayaks with Andreas... the red one came home with us :)


swimming w/ Lynn K at East Beach in Santa Barbara for an SBCSA board meeting

being chased on skates by my housemate Kelly

I've been spending a lot of time playing with my GoPro 3 as well... I've shot some fun stuff :)

I wish I were swimming more right now, but a break probably isn’t all bad. The good news is my cold water tolerance is pretty awesome right now thanks to time spent surfing, I just really need to beef up my swim training soon… don’t want to get too out of swim shape! As the pool comes back online and workouts and races start coming into season I should have more aquatic goodness to share. In the meantime I high suggest liking Rob Aquatics on Facebook, I post pictures and links there pretty regularly.

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