Generally sunscreen is an expensive but necessary pain in the ass… Zinka makes the whole sunscreen process a lot more fun. This is basically the classic nose coat you’d see on lifeguards back in the day just in a more colorful fashion. This stuff is very thick and works very well where applied. I use it on my nose and on my face from below my eyes to the top of my beard when I’m out bodysurfing. I think on my next long swim I may make myself a zinka swim cap since I don’t like wearing actual swim caps but want to keep from burning my noggin too bad.

The only downside to Zinka is it gets everywhere. I end up with pink streaked towels and shirts if I’m not careful. The upside to Zinka is everyone smiles at me when I’m wearing it… it turns out a brightly sunscreened face takes the edge off of a large bald bearded tattooed guy :)

Zinka runs about $6 a tube and a lot of times you can find it in surf shops. If you’re shopping online you can get it from my friends at Splish or you can order it from SwimOutlet as well.

One Response to “Review Week: Zinka Sunscreen”

  1. Niel says:

    Rob – If you want extreme sun protection without the color try Dermatone. It is waterproof transparent zinc oxide, SPF 36. They make sunscreens, lipcoats etc. It is spendy, $12.00 for 4oz., but Kris, who is very critical of sun screen products, thinks that it is the best product that she has tried and uses it when she is in the pool. I use their lip and face coat before going to the beach (you couldn’t tell could you!) and I don’t come home red and warm anymore.