Is it weird to be disappointed in a chair (assuming you’re not Clint Eastwood)? I take beach bumming seriously and the Kelsyus Canopy Chair has failed me. After years of service one of my other beach chairs needed to be retired so I decided to try out a cool canopy chair. I saw the Kelsyus chair at Kmart (I keep it classy, no Walmart of Big Lots for me haha), and it held great potential. It seemed to be reasonably well built and the canopy folded into the carrying case which included shoulder straps. I really like the shoulder strap concept. I unfolded it there in the store and lounged about to see if I’d like it. All seemed good and it beat out a similar but cheaper chair in the same aisle. I paid $40ish dollars plus tax.

When the chair was new I really liked being able to wear it on my back as I hiked down into less conveniently accessible beaches to lay out and read a book. The chair part itself was pretty solid, no complaints there. The canopy was a little crappy and droopy from the get go, but shade is shade and most of the time I just leave it down anyways.¬†Fast forward a few months and the straps start disintegrating, not cool. As things stand now both have broken off and I now have to carry the chair by the metal frame. I’m not going to toss the chair since the actual chair part remains functional, but it does piss me off that the feature that convinced me to buy that particular model only lasted a few months of regular use.

You can buy the Kelsyus Convertible Canopy Chair from Kmart or although I wouldn’t recommend it.

¬†Update 14NOV12 – I was contacted by someone at Kelsyus to apologize for my bad experience with their product. According to them the chair I have was built in a factory they’ve ceased to do business with. An updated version of the chair is on its way to me soon.

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