As a general rule, I dislike paddles. Finis’ potato chip impersonating Agility Paddles are the exception to my rule. The Agility Paddles are extremely simple. They’re made of a piece of plastic with no straps, just a thumb hole. The idea is that the shape of the paddle forces you to take an efficient stroke and if you get off line the paddle is going to come off your hand. I got my first pair of these about a month before they officially came out and really liked swimming with them. I’ve passed them around at the pool to let my teammates try them out and everyone else digs them too. Finis sent me an extra pair recently in the lead up to the Agility Paddle coming out in multiple sizes (the original is the new medium) and I passed them on to Sylvia who swims at Avila with me on Sundays and at 70+ years old is the only other non-wetsuiter most days. I actually gave her a couple different types of paddles to try out, but she didn’t like any of them except the Agility Paddles and is long term borrowing them until she buys a pair for herself.

The only thing I dislike about these paddles is that when you first get them the thumb hole may not be perfectly smooth and after a couple hundred yards you might notice that. With my first pair I took a nail file to a tiny pokey spot to smooth it out and have been much happier ever since.

The Agility paddles are available from or anywhere else that sells FINIS products. If you buy from FINIS directly use the code robaquatics09 to save some money.

full bloggerly disclosure: the paddles reviewed were provided for free by FINIS

3 Responses to “Review Week: Finis Agility Paddles”

  1. Vince Wood says:

    I just received my Agility Paddles. They are definitely difficult to keep on if one tries to lift their hand out of the water before finishing the freestyle stroke at the hip. I don’t think I swam any faster with them, as I was really having to concentrate on the position of my hand through out the freestyle stroke. I am not sure they are really that much better than the old green flat paddle with only a middle finger strap and the wrist strap removed.
    They are good for training proper hand position, as is the flat paddle with a finger strap only.


  2. Rob D says:

    Vince – I don’t really swim any faster with them either but that’s part of what I like about them. I have to be more mindful of what I’m doing which keeps me honest while swimming.

    The thing I like about the Agility paddles having no strap is that there’s nothing to fidget with and nothing to break. I can get them on and be off the wall very quickly.

  3. Vince Wood says:

    I agree they are much easier to put on than the the finger strap paddle. I will continue to use them..