I think I frustrate brands that send me stuff sometimes because I’m prone to some looooong term testing occasionally. I just finished a 5ish month long test of a towel from Discovery Trekking. 5 months is probably a little too long to withhold my opinion on a towel, but in all fairness this is one of a swimmer’s most important pieces of equipment. I dare you to find a swimmer that doesn’t have strong feelings about how they get dried off after a swim, it’s impossible. This towel came with a lot of claims about how fantastic of a towel it is, and honestly it lives up to the hype as much as a towel can live up to some hype.

The first part I really like about the towel is that it is a full beach size but extremely thin and packs down very small. It saves me a ton of space in my swim bag. It dries very well but it doesn’t feel as satisfying as a fat beach towel. With certain things you equate heft to quality of build and I think towels fall into that group. The Discovery Trekking towel is so light it feels like it shouldn’t be able to do the job but it does it just fine. I will say however this towel isn’t going to keep you warm if that is an important criteria for you.

The towel was touted as being very fast drying and not prone to towel funk smells. I treated this thing awfully and it held up to my abuse. I left it in swim bags for days at a time, crammed it under truck seats, and never even washed it. One would think it’d be absolutely disgusting by now… amazingly not. Sometimes it stays damp if left balled up somewhere, but it’s been very funk resistant.

My one major problem with it is a totally silly problem. Because it’s so thin it’s dangerous for towel changing. If you’re back lit people are probably going to see silhouettes of a few parts you were busy trying to keep to yourself… also I’ve found it easy to get the bottom of the towel caught in whatever you’re putting on which can make for some awkward moments.

Overall it’s a great towel, especially if you need to keep an emergency one in your vehicle or need to conserve space in your swim bag. Discovery Trekking’s Ultra Fast Dry Towel is available from discoverytrekking.com and the version I tested costs $29.95.

*full bloggerly disclosure, I was sent a free sample way back in July to try out

One Response to “Review Week: Discovery Trekking Ultra Fast Dry Towel”

  1. Leslie Hanes says:

    Thank you for your kind words. The Silver in the fabric is what keeps it from smelly moldy, because Silver kills bacteria. One of my personal favorite benefits is that sand doesn’t stick to it…and I hit the beach for most of the winter. Also, I use it as a cover-up as it has high SPF sun protection. We appreciate your review.