I like this book quite a bit. It has helped me find places to go exploring all over the county that I live in (as well as bits of Northern Santa Barbara county). I currently have a big backlog of hikes I want to go on now that I know they exist. ┬áThe book is very easy to follow and is broken into different geographic sections . Each hike has an illustrated map, estimated distance/time/elevation gain, summary of the hike, directions to the trailhead, and directions for the hike itself. For me I find it extremely useful to cross check the book against Google Maps to find the trails in the satellite imagery and really get to know where you’re going before you head out. There’s all this great satellite imagery available for free online, I would recommend using it for more than just seeing what your house looks like from outerspace :)

It’s worth noting that this book has a few holes in it. This edition was published in 2006 so it’s missing out on some newer trails and open space areas like Johnson Ranch in San Luis Obispo and the Harmony Headlands on the North Coast. As comprehensive as the book is I’m sure these additions will find their way into the next edition if there’s one coming. If you don’t live in SLO County there are editions by the same author that cover much of the state of California, a few national parks and parts of Montana.

I picked this book up for about $16 at Barnes and Nobles in San Luis Obispo, you can buy it a bit cheaper on Amazon here.

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