A few months ago my friend Nick Alaga contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in taking part in his event, Will Swim for Food, that raises money for local food banks. My 2011 Pismo Polar Bear Swim raised funds for the SLO Food Bank so it was an easy event to say yes to since I’m already sold on the cause. Will Swim for Food started in 2010 sort of by accident. Nick was looking to raise some money for a fundraiser at work and turned to swimming around the Wharf in Santa Cruz to help him get donations. It worked. Last year Will Swim for Food grew to 20 swimmers as a Santa Cruz focused event that raised over $18,000 for a local food bank. This year Nick has expanded it to more swimmers raising money for more food banks and donations are just about to eclipse 2011′s numbers en route to a goal of $40,000.

The swim itself consists of a one mile shot around the Santa Cruz Wharf on December 15th. I’ve swam around the wharf once a year since 2009 but it’s always been in summer. A winter version of that swim sounds pretty interesting to me :)

So here’s the deal… if you like what I do here on the blog and you want to get your favorite swim blogger something for Christmas, make a donation on my Will Swim for Food page. Every little bit helps and it will all go to the SLO Food Bank which can turn $1 into 7 nutritious meals for hungry families. Pretty good deal right?

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