I’ve been bodysurfing a lot recently. Occasionally I get surfing into my system and that overruns a lot of my regular swimming. Last year I had a stretch where I did a ton of bodyboarding, this year I’m going boardless (ironically this happened immediately after buying a sweet bodyboard from a former pro rider on Craigslist). Bodysurfing is a ridiculous amount of fun but it’s hard to represent that graphically when you’re the one shooting the pictures. I tried using the wrist mount but that was a total no go. There isn’t a stock set up available out there that shoots in the direction I wanted, so much like the Frankenfish I had to cobble together my own creation. I’ll call this one my GoPro Power Glove :)

I started with a set of neoprene dive gloves I found in a bodyboard bag I bought on craigslist about a year ago, an oval shaped gel wrist rest that’s been on my desk at work for like 5 years, duct tape sitting in my truck, a box cutter, and the standard GoPro housing with a floaty backdoor. I cut the gel thingie in half and then cut out a rectangular section of gel to give me somewhere to jam the base clip for the GoPro. I left the flap of fabric intact though. Once I had the clip where I wanted it I wrapped the whole thing in duct tape. Next I inserted the whole thing into the glove with my hand in it to figure out where I wanted the position. Once in place I made the smallest hole I could that would allow the top of the clip to poke out. Attached the GoPro housing, screwed it down, and voila… bodysurfing glove!

Tonight after work I went down to the beach to test out my latest creation. I was pretty confident the GoPro wouldn’t bust out of the glove, but still concerned it could. The glove itself was actually a bit too large so I ended up putting bonus knots in the velcro strap so I could fasten it down tighter. Admittedly the GoPro is a distraction while swimming, that’s an odd and large shape to have on top of your hand. I had some difficulties catching waves at first because the camera was messing with my head a bit, but after 20 minutes I was doing a lot better and catching most of what I was chasing. The camera was reasonably solid on my hand although it would pivot fore and aft on the screw in waves, but it does that on my bodyboard too. From the video I got tonight I’d say the angles it’s shooting are pretty decent and with practice I could probably get a little better with it. I’m not sure how often I’ll take this thing out, when bodysurfing less is more, but it’s a rad little addition to my aquatic photo contraption arsenal!


Bodysurfing Pismo to Test My Newest GoPro Contraption from Rob Dumouchel on Vimeo.

2 Responses to “Figuring Out How to Film Bodysurfing with My GoPro”

  1. Hawaiianitedivah' says:

    Aloha bro,
    It’s a great idea, but the force of the water. It would tear that cam right off that mount and ape-glove. Way to much movements and cam needs that support of being secured for sudden impact. Good luck

  2. Rob D says:

    there’s definitely a limit to what I would take this rig out in… it’s reasonably secure for up to shoulder high at my local break, much above that and I’m not sure it would do so well without major fortification.