Earlier today I texted my buddy Jason to see if he wanted to bodysurf after work with me down by the pier. He had to work but invited me to check out a paddleboard thing he was doing down in Grover Beach around 6:30pm. I still wanted my ocean time so I went straight to the beach after work and floated around for an hour chasing down what waves I could catch. They were breaking but it was kind of messy. I worked on surfing to my left tonight. I seem to have Zoolander syndrome, I can only turn right comfortably. I got a few good rides on my left side but it just feels weird to me, gotta keep working on that.

Around 6:30 I got out of the water and hopped in the truck to drive the mile down the beach to the beach at the end of Grande Avenue. I found Jason and found out this was a much bigger deal than he made it out to be. This was a full on relay race between all the local lifeguard agencies. The state guards from Oceano up through Pismo, Avila and Morro Bay were all there. The deal was each guy on the team had to take a paddleboard out through the surf, round 2 buoys about 250m out and then paddle back into the beach to make the hand off. Surfing a wave in was totally ok but only on your knees or your stomach, no standing allowed.

I watched all the guys (and a handful of ladies too!) run out and do their thing and it looked like a lot of fun. The guards from Morro Bay squeaked out a win and my buddy’s crew came in 3rd out of the 6 teams. I think bringing me out to see this was part of his stealth recruitment plan. He’s always selling me on the idea of being a guard and I have to say there’s some appeal to it for me although I don’t think it’s my speed as a real job. I just want to work out with these guys!

After the race Jason talked me into getting back in the water for a little bit. He wanted to surf a few waves so I ran back to the truck for my board shorts and fins to try and grab a few extra rides as the sun came down. I swam out and met him and one other dude and worked on picking out a clean wave from the mess pushing into the beach. The guys left me after just a little while because their ride back to base was ready to go. I surfed 2 good waves and then packed it in. All told a pretty decent evening!


Jason on his way in

surfing back in

board hand off

the finish! Morro Bay comes out in front

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