Pardon the long radio silence, I’ve been on a bit of a blog vacation and just enjoying life most of the last month. I’ve had a lot of time off, taken a lot of beach naps, picked up my training a bit and worked in a trip to the ridiculous awesomeness that was Jamie Patrick’s Swim Camp in NorCal. I’m tan, salty, sandy and pretty happy right now. I did take (or just end up in) a fair number of pictures so I figure I’d catch you up with the last month in photos because it sure beats hearing me recount it in song :)

attaching bottles to buoys with kayak paddle leashes for feedings on a longer swim in Avila

swim lesson around the pier!

Wednesday night Avila swim with the guys

getting in slowly but surely

Swim Camp group shot - Photo Jamie P

Andrew and I were in competition for most obnoxious suit - photo Lynn K

Clear Lake field trip! - Photo Lynn K

On the pontoon boat making faces at Luigi - Photo Lynn K.

Reenactment of Gords hitchhiking back to the Clear Lake Swim start in a Rob Aquatics speedo! - Photo Goody T

Outdoor group shower with the ladies - Photo Jamie P

there may have been some drinking at swim camp - photo Cathy D

the group down at Hidden Valley Lake about to get itchy - Photo Jaime P

turns out if you fall asleep at swim camp you'll find multiple pictures of it on facebook... photos by pretty much everybody

swimming to the poly pier in Avila

leaving the poly pier

fun with 50 degree water in late may


we've had lots of windy, lumpy water recently

swimming down the pier on a very cold day

I'm a pro beach napper - Photo Niel D

This coming weekend I have plans for a four hour swim at Avila Beach from 9am to 1pm on Sunday. I’m stoked, I need a long swim. The question is what will the temp be? It was only 50 on this past Sunday due to the high winds we’ve been having… that could be exciting if it stays cold!

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