Good news for this Sunday’s swim was that the weather was finally totally fantastic at the beach. Low wind, no clouds, lots of sun. I got to the beach around 9:45 and it was already heating up. The bad news was that we were in a totally mystery lurch as to whether the water was safe to swim in or not… at least they test the water around here on Mondays ಠ_ಠ The rule of thumb is to stay out 72 hours after a big rain event and it stopped raining here on Friday afternoon. A few of the guys preemptively pulled out via email or text last night and this morning but Niel and I were still planning to at least go to Avila and take a look. Niel met me down on the sand while I was catching up on some reading and picked me up to go get the water temp from the pier. My earlier toe test guess was 52. Warmer than last week but still pretty cold. While up on the pier we picked up a new swimmer who had never been out with us before. We all chatted a bit while letting the thermometer simmer. It came out between 51-52 so my human thermometer seems to be pretty well calibrated at the moment :)

Back on the beach we picked up one more swimmer in Kim who comes out to see us intermittently. Since the water looked ok on the east side of the pier (the west side was a little muddied and questionable) we decided to do a repeat of last Sunday and swim to the point buoy and then negotiate from there. I was still apprehensive about the water but figured if I got sick at least I’ll have company :)

I got a bit of a headstart on getting in the water. It was definitely easier than last week but still not warm! I took a little while acclimating and then a wave too big to avoid sped things up a bit. We all started swimming roughly the same time towards the first buoy. Once we got there everyone was doing pretty well and enjoying themselves so we angled for the end of the line. The water was pretty cloudy when you had your face in the water. I was still pretty distrustful of it. Hmmm

We regrouped at the last buoy to see who wanted to do what. Niel wanted to swim to the tip of the pier and Kim wanted to swim back along the buoy line. I offered to swim her back but the guys decided to we’d all swim back and then they’d turn up the pier from the buoy instead. While swimming back down the buoy line I arced out a ways to add some distance and found a pocket of really cold water. Not quite last week cold but 49/50 wouldn’t be out of line for the upwelling I stumbled into.

At the first buoy Niel and Byron made their way to the tip of the pier and I swam Kim in. I was feeling fine in the temperature department but really wanted out of the water, just didn’t taste right too me. Later on Niel reported a bad metallic kind of taste out at the end of the pier that he wasn’t too stoked on. Perhaps I was on to something and just have a much more refined palate than everyone else :) Unlikely, but a fun theory haha.

Back on the beach I changed into dry shorts and got to work soaking in the warm sunshine and eating my lunch. It felt pretty awesome. We had a whole gang of regulars drop in to hang out and run instead of swim. I lasted until about 1 when it finally got just a little too hot for me. We’re all hoping this weather sticks around for a while so we have a nice Wednesday swim with no quality questions lingering over it!

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