It’s been a long damn time since I’ve been in the ocean past my kneecaps. Yesterday I finally went for a full immersion after about a month and a half lay off due to a mix of being sick and regular swim rain outs. I was starting to lose my mind, I needed to be resalinated badly!
We’re supposed to finally restart Wednesday night swims today but I’m not sure if we’ll be able to or not since the rain has started to make a comeback. Since yesterday was nice and bright and sunny I decided to make a run to the beach on my lunchbreak and at least get in and see if I can still handle some low 50′s excitement without much trouble. Plus I just couldn’t wait any longer to be reunited with my salty lady friend, the Pacific.
I started by driving down to Pismo with thoughts of bodyboarding but it was pretty crowded so instead I opted for my new favorite beach in Shell Beach. I figured the swell was minimal and the sun was shining so it’d be a great afternoon to swim out a little ways and see what it’s like.
When I got down to the beach there were only two other people there… my kind of crowd :) I set up my beach stuff and threw on some boardshorts. I walked down to the water like a man on a mission, and once I hit the water my mission changed to getting in as slowly as possible! It was running about 52 and I think my body forgot how much I “like” that, haha. I serious took 20 minutes edging deeper and deeper until I was shoulder deep. The good news is despite being a slow process, by the time I was fully submerged I was also acclimated. I felt great in the water it was just the getting in part that sucked.
I breaststroked out into the kelp and dove down a little bit to see what I could see. Unfortunately the water a couple feet down was pretty murky. I’m guessing the storm from the weekend still has things churned up a bit. I’m hoping come summertime and months of no rain and flat water will turn into some really good visibility. We’ll see if that comes to fruition.
I swam out a little further to the left edge of where all the rocks are to check that out. On a heavy surf day I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near there, but it was mellow enough yesterday that there wasn’t any danger floating around right there. After hanging out and taking pictures for a while I swam back in and laid out for a while. I didn’t swim much at all but I did spend a good amount of time in the water and affirmed that my cold water tolerance remains intact… phew!
While warming up in the sun I watched the couple I was sharing the beach with tip toe down to the water’s edge. They promptly ran back to their blankets once the water hit their ankles… and everything was right with the world again :)

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