After getting rained out last week I was really itching to get in a swim today. During the week I ran off to the beach to catch the last bits of daylight and take pictures from in the water… if you follow me on Instagram (aquarob) of Facebook you probably saw some of that action… but 30 minutes kicking around in the surf is no substitute for a real swim!

I hit the beach around 10am and Niel showed up a little bit later. We walked up on the pier to get the water temperature and soak in just how beautiful of a day we were dealing with, it was Summer in January for sure. The water was flat and calm, there was no wind and the skies were clear. The water temp left a little to be desired at 52, but that’s been par for the course for quite a few weeks now. I saw some activity over by our stuff while on the pier and it looked like Duke and maybe some other mystery guest had shown up. By the time we got back Sylvia was on the beach and Duke was gone but there were three sets of swim gear left behind that ended up belonging to him Casey and Berto. Eventually we added Amy and Ed which brought our swim total up to 8 which is huge for a Sunday swim in January! We also had two potential swimmers drop in and say hi today that might join us in the near future for some swim action.

Since we had some folks that hadn’t been in the ocean for a while and it was pretty cold Niel decided on a route just along the buoys to make for an easy departure for anyone that froze out or got uncomfortable. Getting in wasn’t too bad, I guess my recent evening dips have been helping, but I was still one of the last ones to actually start swimming. I typically acclimate really quickly once I start swimming, it’s just hard to force your body to make that first plunge when you know how much it sucks!

I worked on chasing down the group and thought they’d stop at the first buoy but they kept going to the end of the buoy line. I worked my way up through the back of the pack and swam until I hit the fast guys hanging out waiting to regroup. Despite the cold it was really amazing out there, I’m really glad we had the weather we did and so many swimmers came out to enjoy it.

Once we had everyone together we planned to swim the buoy line back to the pier and pause right before swimming under it to make sure we have everybody. At each of our stops I hung back a bit to try and snap a few pictures and give a couple of the slower people a big head start so that they wouldn’t be swimming alone for too much of the way. Duke and Casey did the same, but Casey still managed to be one of the first ones to finish despite waiting to go. I figure it’s ok he beats us since he’s angling for Olympic Trials in Triathlon this year :)

After swimming under the pier we made our way to the creek buoy and regrouped. A few people were starting to show signs of being pretty cold… glossy eyes and a little shaking… so we left that buoy pretty quick so they could keep moving. I hung back with one that I was a little concerned about to make sure she stayed on track.

We passed under the pier one more time and then turned for the beach. I tried to actually swim quickly this time around to make up for my cruising speed swim on the last leg. I was waiting for Casey to come blow past me so I could try and hang off his feet and draft a bit. He ended up swimming right across my line and I tangled my hands up a bit in his feet as he crossed over. I got like 10m of draft before I couldn’t hang anymore… the kid’s fast man.

As everyone got out I turned back to the sea to find a little wave to surf in. The waves were small today, the “big” ones had like 2-3 foot faces, but I still got an ok ride into the beach. According to my GPS we swam about a mile total, not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon :) If this weather continues to hold I’m hoping to scare up some weekday swimmers… we’ll see how successful I am with that though.

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