I spent my lunch on Thursday out in Avila surfing some waves and experimenting more with my new GoPro camera. Normally I’d go for Pismo at lunch since it’s closer and the waves are more surfable, but two things held me back… 1. the area around the pier tested dirty this week, boo bacteria 2. there’s an enormous W-NW swell breaking on the coast that is way to much too handle. Avila was the better choice since it’s a south facing beach. It still gets some of the size from the swell wrapping around the coastline, but it’s not as big and out of control. The waves were anywhere from shoulder high to a little overhead when I got to the beach and the weather was insanely beautiful. Despite it being January it was hot on the sand, while changing into my boardshorts the sun liquified some of the wax on my board! I’ve never seen that before!

The water was about 54 today but the air temp was so nice it almost didn’t even matter, at least to me. I eased my way in waiting for a lull to paddle out without getting hammered. There were a few other guys out most on boogie boards, on on a shortboard. Everyone was having a good time and catching waves. I spent about 45 minutes in the water catching whatever I could and had a ton of fun. I experimented with a few angles on the camera and got some fun shots. I got a series of ridiculous beard shots… it looks like they came from a photoshoot for bacon donut scented cologne :)

I’ve been asked a couple times how you mount a GoPro to a bodyboard since they don’t make accessories specifically for that. First off, DON’T use the tiny adhesive mount that comes with the Hero2 surf kit, it’s no good on foam. What you need to get is the older version of the surf kit with the big disc mount, you can get it from GoPro direct here or from ebodyboarding.com like I did. You’re also going to need a couple of leash plugs.

Next up you need to pick where you want the mount to go (don’t forget to account for any stringers your board might have!) and drill some holes. I used the adhesive base to hold the disc down and then drilled holes through it and straight through the board. I started with a small drill bit and worked up in about 3 stages to a huge one to made a big enough hole for the leash plug to sit somewhat flush. Once the holes are in place you can screw in the plugs and then clip in your camera, easy! So far my mount job has been super solid. It’s gotten bashed around in fairly serious surf with no issues.

For a more in-depth version of how to do this, here’s a video from ebodyboarding.com

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    Totally awesome pictures!

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