I LOVE these shorts. These are the best boardshorts I’ve ever owned. The only thing stopping me from buying 8 more pairs is that they’re almost $60 a pop. They fit well and have two options for tying the front for either casual wear or big waves. There’s no buttons or zippers, just laces and a velcro closure at the top. The material feels good and has a nice stretch to it. They’re great for when I’m just out messing around in the surf, but they’re also comfortable for swimming longer distances. When I did swim lessons during the summer I’d wear these quite a bit. The only thing I don’t like that much is the pocket. It’s hard to get things in and out of it while in the water because it’s not very structured and sometimes it feels more closed than it really is. I lost a cheap camera in small surf in these shorts. There is a good keyloop in there though. I have a spare in my shorts secured to that so I don’t have to try and hide my truck key somewhere else while I’m in the water.

that’s totally what my abs look like

You can buy these shorts at most surf shops or you can get them here from SwimOutlet

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