I received the latest H2O Audio Interval Case way back in April and never managed to crank out much of a review. It’s not that I didn’t want to, I found it interesting and a solid step up from the previous H2O Audio Interval case I had tested, it was just the wrong time of year for me. Music while swimming season starts about right now for me. Listening to music in the water is a kind of antisocial thing to do when swimming with a group, and a bad idea when swimming in open water, so it’s mainly my solo nighttime 50m pool workouts where I do the most aquatic rocking out.

This version of the Interval has a lot going for it. The buttons are easy to use, the seal is very secure, it’s been contoured to fit the back of your head better, it has handy slots for goggle straps… but its biggest advantage over everyone else (besides SwimMan which I’ve never tried) is that it uses an actual iPod to deliver music (purchased separately, all you’re buying from H2O Audio is a waterproof case). This might not sound like much until you’ve tried to sync up other devices from your iTunes account. Apple’s file format doesn’t jive with other devices so you have to convert the songs you want on your other music players, it’s not hard but it’s a hassle. So using an actual iPod allows you to just plug in, make a playlist and go. The only real problem I have with it is actually getting the music into my ears. The 4th generation case has been much, much better in this regard than the 2nd gen case I have… but it still fails eventually due to the buds falling out or the seal with my ear being broken. H2O Audio sent me their Pro Fit Kit that has numerous types of rubber covers for the buds which helped enormously, but over time the water always wins.

So Here’s how I feel about this particular case… it’s good, much better than previous iterations, but it’s not my first choice for intensive swim training. If I were on a kayak, SUP, or participating in some other water surface sport where you’re going to submerge occasionally this would be my go to gadget. But as a swimmer, it all comes down to ear buds… eventually the seal is broken and now it’s time to fidget with your gear and throw your workout off track. I really, really dislike that.

The H2O Audio Interval is available through SwimOutlet, or you can get it along with many other waterproof items at H2Oaudio.com

(*full bloggerly disclosure, the case I tested out for this review was sent to me by H20 Audio)

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