Churchills are one of the classic fins of the surf world. They’ve been around since the 30′s and they are the fins I’m using most right now when bodyboarding or bodysurfing. The fins are shaped differently for each foot and they’re marked right and left on top to make sure you put them on the right way. When you put them together they look like a dolphin’s tail fin. Thanks to the shape of the fin they’re relatively easy to walk in, and that outside edge is great for digging into a wave to steer and adjust your speed in a wave. These fins are definitely surf only in my opinion. If you were to do more than chase down waves with them they’d probably destroy your knees and ankles.

From what I understand the fins are made with two types of rubber. The blue part is soft and comfortable on the feet for the foot pocket, and yellow part is much stiffer. I think that these fins have a nice balance of comfort and performance. The foot pocket feels good and hasn’t chewed my feet up at all and the heel strap hasn’t given me any trouble, although I’ve recently put neoprene fin pads on them anyways. Sometimes I feel like maybe the foot pockets are too soft and flex too much, but I’d rather have that than bloody feet. The blade is stiff enough to provide decent propulsion. I’d like them to be a little stiffer though so I can kick faster, but I’ll take what I can get.

The fins have a drainage hole on the bottom which is a must for surf fins that are prone to getting rocks and sand in them. The only problem is that it’s a little too far to the middle of the foot which makes it harder to drain effectively. I’d like to see it closer to the toes so the debris can just flow right out instead of rub between my feet and the inside of the fin. I’m assuming however that since the design is 45 years older than I am it’s not going anywhere.

Churchies are pretty easy to find, a lot of sporting goods stores have them. You can buy them online through SwimOutlet, or

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