I was in the mood one day to upgrade from my Duckfeet to something a little more surf friendly and bounced around shops from Morro Bay to SLO looking to buy something. The selection was pretty dismal, and typically the surf swim fins are hidden in most shops around here anyways. If you’re in a shop and can’t find them, look underneath the wetsuits or in the corner of the shop furthest from the door. Ultimately it was Moondoggies in downtown SLO that won out. They had various brands that I had wanted to try but they were lacking in sizes. The Lagunas were the only fins they had in stock that would fit me so I figured that’s where my $50ish was going.

Laguna Surf Fins are interesting in that the foot pocket and the blade are made of different materials. The foot pocket is made of neoprene and a tough fabric to cut down on abrasions from the fins. They have straps over the top of the fin and the back of the ankle to allow you to adjust them to fit you. The blade itself is plastic and plenty stiff. The fins are odd but I had high hopes for them.

For me the fins were a bit of a let down. They were pretty reasonable on my feet, although I did grind a hole in my foot the first time out, but they just feel “wrong” to me. The feel of the power transfer between the foot pocket and the blade was weird although the power was there. A lot of being in a wave and surfing it is based on feel and if something doesn’t feel right it’s just not going to work out for you.

whoops! I think a rock got in there

All that being said they’re not a total loss. The Lagunas are an awesome loaner pair of fins. I keep them in the truck along with an extra bodyboard in case an opportunity to hit the water presents itself. I bring them along on Catalina swims in case I or someone else needs a pair to keep up as a pacer. I chased Evan for about an hour wearing them on his swim, and he wore them the week before in Laguna when we bodyboarded/bodysurfed before Cliff’s Catalina swim.

Bonus surf related note, they do float. While bodyboarding in Laguna Evan lost one in a wave and it stayed at the surface and I was able to retrieve it. They’re not super buoyant, more neutral really, but that’s all you need to keep from losing them at the bottom of the ocean!

You can get Laguna Surf Fins from 662BoardShop.com or your local surf shop. Learn more at LagunaSwimFins.com

One Response to “Review Week: Laguna Fin Surf II”

  1. Evan says:

    I agree, the fins felt weird. That said, they were super comfy, and the adjustability is also a big sell, esp. for different-size-footed dudes like myself.