I’ve only been wearing them a week or so, but so far I dig them. I wasn’t sure if they’d be good for me at first because they sit so close to my eyes. I have long lashes and don’t like it when they brush against goggle lenses. Out in the water however I didn’t notice that at all. The fit is comfortable, the big gaskets allow the goggles to feel light on your face as opposed to super suctioned into your eye sockets. Where these goggles really shine is the range of vision. The way they’re shaped allows for a much wider field of vision than anything else I’ve ever worn. The lenses on the pairs I have are smoked but not mirrored, but they are polarized and cut glare just fine. I put a pair on my swim buddy Niel last week and he liked them as well. The light fit was an odd sensation for him but they stayed put and he could see well out of them. I think these would be great goggles for a very long swim.

At this early stage I really like the goggles and haven’t had any problems. The seal is good as well as the clarity. My only qualm is price. They’re pretty pricey at $40 a pair. Not that there aren’t other goggles in that price range and above, but I typically don’t fork out more than $20 for a pair of goggles personally. Good news is that if you buy them straight from FINIS I have a discount code for you :) Enter robaquatics09 at checkout to save some bucks.

Surge Goggles are available here, and you can save 20% on any purchases you make on FINIS’ site with the code: robaquatics09

(*full bloggerly disclosure, the goggles I tested out for this review were samples sent to me by FINIS)

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