I hit the pool this afternoon for the first time in a while. It felt pretty bad. Back, shoulders, even a knee all chirped up to let me know they didn’t appreciate me today. Fun! Oh well, gotta work through it and find my stride again in the pool. I’m about to lose a lot post work sunshine very soon and I’m going to have to spend a lot more time in the concrete prison.

I wrote out the parts of the workout that I was present for but I played a little fast and loose with parts of it. IĀ misplacedĀ a 50 here and there, and there, and over there somewhere…

400 mixer
8 x 50 kick @ 1:00
400 pull
8 x 25 variables @ :30
400 kick on back

Repeat x 2 all while towing a ball
3 x 50 IM switching
100 free

Cool down

Probably 2100ish actually swam by me

We got out the blue medicine balls for a while today which is always interesting. I swam all four strokes towing a ball and actually like pulling it for butterfly. It gave me that increased resistance you get with paddles on but without the stress on the insides of my shoulders. I have a parachute from Finis in the house somewhere, I’ll have to try that out and see if it feels the same way. While breaststroking I didn’t really feel the ball at all, and free/back both had the most drag on me. More experimenting is called for on this one…

After work I raced to the beach to squeeze what daylight I could out of the evening. I’m trying to get in the ocean at least once everyday to really build that cold tolerance this winter/spring. I was hopeful that the surf would be up based on reports I read of a bigger swell starting to fill in late today. I was rather disappointed when I hit the beach, super flat. Since my whole agenda was to just get in for a while anyways I marched out and kicked through to the line up. I took my older bodyboard with me since it’s bigger and floatier and would be more fun in tiny waves. It was so mellow on the way out past the breakers I didn’t even get my beard wet!

After floating around for like 10 minutes with no real action it started to go off! For maybe 15-20 minutes we had great waves. My first wave of the day was real solid and on the board I brought out I felt really light and agile. The bigger board is a lot faster and looser underneath me and allowed for some serious carving. Maybe I need to break that one out more often!

After things died down I did a lot more waiting for something to happen. Mainly a lot of blown out garbage marching towards the beach. Once the sun was almost touching the sea out on the horizon I decided I was done and just needed one more wave to send me home. It was getting crowded and bunched up against the pier because the current was pushing us all that way. I decided to kick a big cushion between me and the other kids, a couple paddled behind me because they must have thought I knew something they didn’t since I took off with a sense of urgency :) When my wave finally came it was beautiful. The sun was directly behind it and all I saw was this dark face building on its way towards me. I kicked for all I was worth, pulled a couple times with my arm and flew down the wave, got a good turn in, and then floated on the whitewater all the way to the shallow water. It was a perfect end to my evening. It’s unfortunate that I’m running out of these for the year. I might have to start waking up early instead for a while… yuck. In the meantime I’ll be getting all the evening ocean time I can while I can!

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