During the day on Wednesday I got an email from my swim buddy Niel wondering if I’d be swimming after work that was entitled “costumes?”. Ryan had declared the end to his Wednesday night season so he was making sure that I would show. I figured we could get in one last swim before we ran out of daylight. Although Niel was kidding about the costumes I figured I’d round something up with stuff I had at the house. I grabbed my Aquaman speedo from Splish, some old FINIS swim tights, and an Aquaman orange tshirt… I topped it off with a pair of goggles to obscure my true identity. Mix all these items together upon myself and you get Fat Aquaman… although I’ve come to enjoy a twitter friend’s reinterpretation of that as Ample Aquaman :)

After we took a few pictures in the name of science, we hurried up to get ready since we were racing the sun. The plan was to do a half triangle, more if we had time. The sun was already moving quickly towards the mountains so we needed to get moving. We walked down to the water… and walked, and walked… the tide was way out, but once we hit that water we slowed it down a little. It was chilly! The Port San Luis Buoy was running 57 and dipped to 56 in the evening, I don’t think the beach was too much warmer than that. While I worked on acclimating we talked goggles for a bit. Niel and I were both swimming in the new Surge open water goggles from FINIS. They sent me a couple pairs to try out so I set one on him to see what he thinks. I should have a review of some sort next week. Anyways, after a while a set of decent sized waves came rolling through which sort of forced the whole getting wet thing, and with that we got underway.

I shook off the chill en route to the buoy line where we regrouped at the first buoy. After a brief pause we took off towards the point and the end of the buoy line. Thanks to the cold I felt pretty good. It covered up the soreness in my back, but I could still feel a twinge in my left shoulder. We took an extended break at the far buoy to make sure we wanted to continue with the original plan. The sun was nearing the mountain tops and there were some birds congregated on our line to the pier. It looked like some small birds and a few bored pelicans. We decided to stick to the plan and swim for the top of the pier.

The view at the tip of the pier was fantastic. We watched as the sun dropped behind the mountains and all you saw was the halo of the sun’s corona peeking above them. We still had daylight but it was going to run out fast. We decided to swim in on the other side of the pier, and since I don’t like swimming way out in low light I hustled it back in. I made a brief pause at the buoy line to see if Niel was going to stop but he kept going so I did too.

We reemerged from the ocean happy to have gotten in one last Wednesday night swim. It’s sad to see this part of my week go away for a while, but at least nature gave us a beautiful going away swim. A pod of dolphins swam the buoy line out towards Pismo as we were getting ready to leave, awesome. The good news is that Sundays live on and we’ll be at the beach all winter on the weekends, weather permitting.

In other news… keep your eyes out next week for a whole string of reviews. I’ve been backed up with things in need of review so next week we’re reviewing everything in my house give or take a kitchen table :)

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