I’ve been in the water a lot recently but not for swimming. This major south swell thing has had my rapt attention. It doesn’t happen a lot that the central coast gets so much action out of one of these so you gotta take advantage of it while you can! I’ve been bouncing around between Pismo, Shell Beach and Avila. On Thursday I made a quick trip to Avila with Dani, the bigger waves that day were substantially overhead! I was fully barreled which is pretty amazing for there! Granted it was short lived and I was gobbled up and flipped over moments later, but still, way fun! Friday I got the oceanic beating of a life time in Pismo. I’ve never had to fight so hard to get out past the breakers in my life. I had some epic wipeouts as well, I thought I was going to lose some teeth on one of them :o Saturday I went exploring a new to me beach in Shell Beach, and then joined Dani in Avila afterwards for more boogieing and some bodysurfing. Anyways I’m having tons of fun and taking pictures when I can… here’s the last few days in photo form…

Guys lining up off the Pismo Pier

This kid decided to skip paddling out and just backflip off the pier instead

pretty big for being all the way at the tip of the pier!

even the birds were spectating

full wetsuit AND a hood? c’mon buddy :p

little crowded

boogie board air guitar in full effect

Dani after Thursday night’s outing

Avila Beach, looking towards the Poly Pier

Zebra duct tape courtesy my friend Lynn K. :)

Spectating up in Shell Beach

View down by the beach

wipeout in action!

great ride up front, Avila and Port San Luis in the distance

it looks so easy when done correctly

fog burned off after a while

Avila was the place to be today!

Dani cooling off in the ocean

going to play… waves were smaller than Thursday but still big for here


post boogie excursion

sunglass reflection self portrait :)

you sure buddy?

little more…

oh noes waves! or… sometimes things look more dramatic than they are when cropped correctly :)

3 Responses to “Distracted by South Swell Excitement”

  1. Joanne says:

    great photos!

  2. Lynn K says:

    Aurggghhh!!! Makes me want to run back out and play in the waves!!!

  3. Your photographs are phenomenal, especially numbers six and seven!