If I had to live one day on repeat a la Bill Murray’s Groundhog Day, I think this past Saturday would be a serious contender for one that’d I’d actually want to do over… and over… and over again.

I started early and hit the beach by about 8:30. I was supposed to swim around 10:30 with Susan from the Central Valley and figured I’d show up early to watch the water, take a walk and shoot some pictures. Right now I’m down to just my iPhone so I brought that and my Owle Bubo to try and get some fun shots. The weather was overcast, the air cool, and the water glassy. I walked down the pier and spent some time on the landing underneath it checking out the sea life clinging to the pilings. There were a lot of star fish down there!

When I walked back to the base of the pier I went ahead and got all my stuff out of the truck and set up camp on the sand. I sat in my chair for a while messing with my pictures until Susan showed up. She was pretty early as well and we talked for a while about races she had been to recently. After making guesses at the water temp for a while I went down to measure and it was only 57. Normally that’d be good but we’ve been a little spoiled recently.

Up on the beach we decided to get in early since best I could tell no one else was going to show. I posted this bonus swim on Facebook and didn’t get any takers so I figures we were it. Getting in took me a minute, but a set of bigger waves helped speed up the process.

Susan and I just did the regular triangle route with short pauses at each corner since there were only two of us that needed to regroup. Out at the tip of the pier we stopped for a little longer than everywhere else because we had a crowd up on the pier. There were maybe 10 people leaning against the railing looking out at us. Susan waved and said hi. They immediately had to bring up the “s word.” “You guys have seen the news right? There’s sharks out there!” I said “yup, they kinda live here… can’t do much about it.” The people on the pier laughed a little bit and just wrote us off as crazy people :) After that we swam out to the creek buoy and then under the pier and home. It was a 1600m swim and felt good all the way around.

After our swim I put board shorts on and marched back out to sea with my bodyboard. I’m still getting a feel for it and wanted to surf a few waves. Despite a big set rolling through at the beginning of our swim there wasn’t much of anything going on right at that moment. I did a lot of just floating but did catch a few small ones. Susan wandered back out without a wetsuit just to splash in the water a bit to see how cold it would feel sans neoprene casing. My eventual cue to get out was when two seals made a big surprise splash like 2 meters away from me. Scared me half to death! I didn’t see the jump, but I did see them pop up in different spots around me shortly thereafter. I figured I didn’t need to play with the shark bacon and the waves sucked right then anyways so I might as well head back to the beach.

I changed into dry clothes and Susan took off to get on with the rest of her day. I didn’t have anything pressing to do or anywhere to be so I took a nap :) Beach naps are basically the greatest things on earth. When I crashed out it was still overcast, but by the time I woke up again it was really bright and sunny and wonderful. In the midst of my napping I got some text messages and sleep texted back. One of my texters was Dani, she said she was going to go to the beach and wanted to know the sunshine situation. Eventually she came down the stairs and set up shop next to me. We shot the shit for a while and I ate some lunch that I picked up from the Avila Grocery.

Dani brought her board with her and the waves were picking up a bit so we went out and surfed for a little while. I kept moving further and further down the beach looking for enough room to ride without hitting any kids or tourists. I got a system down after a little while. After a big lull that first wave of the new set would come and everyone would scramble after it clearing things out for me. I’d take wave #2 and have all kinds of room to move without running into anybody. I’m really getting the hang of the new board and looking forward to taking it down south soon to try out some more serious waves!

Afterwards we laid out in the sun again and dried off with some solar assistance. When I decided that I’d had as much sunshine as I could handle I packed up and went home for a while. I met back up with some swim friends that night for a drink and some dinner. All told about as good of a day in town as I could hope for :)

2 Responses to “Groundhog Day Nomination”

  1. IronMike says:

    You have an envious life Rob. Seriously jealous.

  2. Rob D says:

    not everyday is a winner but it has its moments :)