The upside to Boogie Monday is that I spend almost every Monday in the ocean. The downside is Monday evenings don’t necessarily coincide with there being any actual waves. Tonight was pretty flat with some 1-2 foot wave action. I still had fun, but I’m dying for something bigger… just for a day, please ocean? Maybe I’ll surf in Laguna on Wednesday when I’m down that way before I have to get on a boat in Long Beach for my buddy Cliff’s Catalina swim.

I met Dani down at the beach and she was hobbling all over. She ran a 50k (holy shit!) race over the weekend and hasn’t quite recovered. Instead of boogie boarding she stood in the water to ice her legs down and played with my camera until the batteries died.

The water felt pretty nice after a long day in a hot office. I was melting by the time 5 came around so some sea water was a nice respite from all that. I managed to catch a bunch of waves just not anything big enough to get in more than just a turn. I kept trying to get a 360 down out in the white water but I just didn’t have the speed for it… soon I will figure this out…

After a little while my friend Kim who swims some Wednesdays showed up randomly. She was in the neighborhood and thought we swam on Monday’s too. After finding no swimmers she got in a little run and then grabbed a boogie board out of her car and wandered into the ocean. It was kind of unexpected but nice to have a bonus sponger in the water :)

We chatted while waiting for sets to show up and I helped spot waves for her. After a little while I was done for the day and took my fins off and waded out. Kim went home and Dani and I stayed on the beach for a while to talk a little bit and then we moved at hobble speed back to her truck. Since she’s still not 100% from her run I think she might come out and paddle for my Tuesday night point to point swim with Niel. We’ll see… should be fun though!

In thoroughly unrelated news, I’ve stumbled into a new flavor of internet fame! Bearding! Haha :) I discovered a site called a while ago and recently decided that I needed to submit an entry for the site. I mean I have a pretty substantial beard at this point and it is photographical from below so I was pretty much a shoe-in for this! I had my special lady friend take various shots while I experimented with how it was styled. We settled on one that makes me look like Beaker’s silhouette :) It’s a bizarre picture for sure. Since not everyone gets what I’m seeing I photoshopped together an image that should help a bit…

pretty rad huh? hahahaha… oh man…

One Response to “Epic 1 Foot Surf and a Beard from Below!”

  1. Gords says:

    That beard shot is great! Took me a few seconds to figure out the perspective. Very cool