I went out for a quick float in the ocean with Dani tonight down by the Pismo Pier… well at least it started there… by the time we got out we were half way to Grover Beach!

We got in and waded out a ways. The waves weren’t big but tightly spaced and the water was cold but not too bad. I took off kicking for the outer edge of where the waves were breaking and mixed amongst some surfers who weren’t so good at what they were doing. I made great efforts to keep my distance whenever one of them would attempt a take off because it wasn’t a take off so much as an overly dramatic board flinging maneuver. Yikes.

I caught a couple ok waves and kept looking for Dani when I was on top of swells. She normally keeps in a little closer to shore, but I couldn’t spot her. I rode a wave most of the way back to the beach and started looking around. She was waaaaaay down the beach. I started kicking my way down towards her which was a lot harder than it sounds. Traveling on a board parallel to the waves is kind of a bad deal. I made it down there eventually and worked on catching some rides down there. Oddly the waves were way better out in the middle of nothing.

We surfed a bunch of messy but growing waves and weaved in and out of some tourists hanging out closer to shore. While we were down there I busted out my zombie Lumix that I had temporarily resurrected. After about 2 months of drying out I charged the battery back up and it worked… well enough anyways. The lcd screen is totally shot and it makes crazy noises but I could take pictures. I managed to pop off 2 in water shots before it gave up and died again. Better than nothing I guess. The fun part is it smells like burning electronics now… haha… I really need to torture test waterproof cameras professionally.

Anyways, tomorrow I’ll be back in the ocean for a swim lesson and maybe even a bonus evening swim… we’ll see about that last one.

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