So it’s Friday night and I’m about 6 swims and one near death surf session into my week and I haven’t published anything… gotta get my blogging back on track! Good news is my swimming is totally on track right now. Here’s the rundown of what I’ve been up to…


I did a one on one swim lesson at the lake in the afternoon, it was incredibly beautiful out there. Clear, warm, 70ish degree water, and just enough breeze to put a light chop on top of the water in some spots. I ended up swimming about 800m of breaststroke alongside my client who improved dramatically from the week previous! I’m hoping we can expand upon that again next week when we go explore a new portion of the lake!

Later in the afternoon I went to Avila with Dani for our regular Monday night surf session. We got our asses kicked. That was the most I’ve been beat up attempting to surf thus far. I was doing a pretty good job of getting into waves, but it all fell apart from there. My scariest wipe out came when I caught a wave I knew was too big for me but was breaking in such a spot that I couldn’t really avoid taking it on. As I slid down the face of the wave still on my stomach I sank the nose of my board and did a really exciting/scary endo. I made a major effort to get down, stay down and cover my head. My session didn’t get much better from there. I left with bruised on my shins, sore ribs, a cut on my foot, and a sore noggin… the good news is I’ve ceased to be a danger to others on a surfboard, the bad news is I’m still very much a danger to myself on one! I’ll get good… someday… maybe…


200/200/200/200/200 swim kick pull drill swim

16 x 25 @ :40 kick 15m swim the rest (with fins)
8 x 50 kick w/ fins @ :55

8 x 50 free @ 1:00

2200 prescribed… probably 2050 swam


Wednesday night’s swim was pretty nice. The water was still doing that unusually warm thing and we had 5 swimmers which is big for a Wednesday night. We swam a modified version of the backwards triangle. On the long leg from the creek buoy to the end of the pier I slowed down and swam alongside Kim since she hadn’t been out there in a while and I could tell she was a little nervous about swimming that far. Out at the tip of the pier she decided that she was going to swim it in so we swam her back to the buoy line and then swam down to the end of it and back. While we were at the far buoy we noticed a little bait ball starting to form. There were plenty of birds along with a few seals and dolphins. It never got all the way up to speed though, they mush have lost the bait fish before it went into frenzy mode.


On Thursday I did a short pool swim followed by a trip to the lake. I took it pretty easy on the pool workout. My intentions were more to just to soak up some sunshine and see my friends than to work super hard. I dropped 4 rounds of the main set so that I could get back to work on time

repeat x 2 100/100/100 swim/kick/pull

8 x 75 kick with fins

Repeat x 4 in IM order
25 kick
50 drill
75 swim

1800 yards total

The lake swim was pretty fun. It ended up being just Dani and I since other people flaked out. She brought her kayak (with a paddle this time!) and paddled for me as a little practice for next weeks trip to Santa Barbara to rock the 6 mile Semana Nautica race. On the way out it was really rough and we were going headlong into the chop. She could barely go faster than me on top of the water. We stopped at the half mile buoy and hung a right. This was more with the chop and now she couldn’t go slow enough. After a little while I stopped and told her that I was going to swim it back in. Again she was with the chop and was doing little circles trying to stay close. The ocean should be easier since it (probably) won’t have that whole fast tight chop thing going on like the lake did. All told I got in about 1.25 miles which was plenty good for a day I swam twice.


I finished up my week with a Friday night swim with some Orange County friends who are swimming Monterey with me tomorrow night. We went out for a lap of the triangle and it was absolutely beautiful. The water, at least on the surface and near the beach was running about 60 and the air temps were pretty high as well. Avila itself was super packed with the mix of a holiday weekend and farmer’s market. It was fun to show off my little patch of ocean to my far away friends, especially on such a nice warm calm day.

Afterwards we met up with my friend Dani and got back in the water to boogie board a little bit. The waves were small but it was still totally fun and you could hear the band playing up in town while you were out on the water.

Once we were dried off we ate our way through the farmer’s market and came back to my place for the night and talked about the swim a little bit and even talked with James up in Santa Cruz on speaker phone in my living room about possible routes for tomorrow. Anyways, now it’s time for bed and we drive up tomorrow morning to attempt to take on the bay one more time!

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