After the Santa Barbara 6 miler I ended up taking a week off of swimming. It wasn’t completely planned, I probably needed it though… nothing wrong with regrouping occasionally right? Although it was a “break” I was in and on the ocean plenty. There was a lot of bodyboarding in there, I just didn’t officially swim.

Anyways, my first swim back was a fun one in Avila on Sunday. We had great weather, calm water, and a group big enough that we split it in half to do 2 different swims! Niel had an idea for a new route that we’ve never attempted before. We’d go to the tip of the pier, over to the 3rd cross brace on the Poly Pier (we typically don’t venture past #2), down the Poly Pier to the 2nd cross brace, and then back towards town and where we started.

Randomly we separated into a guys’ swim and a girls’ swim. The ladies did more of a pier and buoy line type adventure while us guys took off to the Poly Pier. We all got in together and it was a little cold, Niel had measured 56. I had a hard time convincing myself to get all the way wet but a short set of larger waves helped make that decision for me.

I felt a little rusty on the swim down the pier. I was swimming fine but I wasn’t really all there just yet, I could tell it was going to take a while for me to get into gear on this one. By the time we got to the tip of the pier what fog there had been in Avila was officially gone and we had clear blue beautiful skies. Once our last swimmer caught up with set sights on the Poly Pier.

At the beginning of our longest leg of the swim I took the liberty of drafting for a little bit at the beginning before just settling into my own rhythm and picking my own line. The water temps were a little patchy out there and I found some colder spots on the way. Out at the pier those of us that got there first spent some time talking and I think I’ve come up with a fun out of the ordinary swim for August… still deciding how to go about that though…

On the way down to the next set of cross braces Niel decided that he wanted to swim under the pier since the pilings are set in such a way that you can do that pretty easily without hitting anything. I didn’t want to join him, but I was curious as to what it was like in there. He said the pier made it look like the ocean was curving down and away from him, pretty cool right?

We couldn’t see the buoy line in the glare so we just aimed back for about where it might be. We ended up hitting it at the 2nd bouy and ran into Sylvia and Yvonne right there who were in the midst of their own adventure. We all joined forces to swim the rest of the way to the pier, under it and then back to the beach where we started. On this last part is where I finally started to swim a little faster… naturally :) I bodysurfed a pretty sweet wave in and then dried off and changed pretty quick. There was a free concert across the street at the Golf Resort. It was a pretty good time… lots of sun, booze, fancy popsicles, good company and decent music… hopefully there’s more of these on their schedule!

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