I went on a little Stand Up Paddleboard adventure on Saturday with my friend Dani that didn’t involve a whole lot of standing up. I got to Morro Bay early to cruise the embarcadero and poke around through the shops a bit. I saw some big orange jellyfish from the shore and the usual birds and sea lions messing around in the water.

Around 1pm I met up with Dani over at Central Coast Stand Up to see Matt and rent some boards. We were a little concerned with the weather because the wind was building and we didn’t want to get stuck anywhere or accidentally make this a paddle and swim adventure. Matt suggested that we paddle across the bay to the sand spit and then follow that out towards where the rock is before swinging back to the other side of the bay and letting the wind push us home.

We got some boards down in the water and pushed Dani off first. There was a good amount of wind and chop coming but she was holding together well. I followed soon after but paddled on my knees while I felt out the balance thing. I do poorly in the wind since I’m such a big target, plus I was having a bad back day and my balance was a little suspect. I ended up staying on my knees almost the whole time.

The paddle over to the sand spit wasn’t easy but it wasn’t too bad. I got there a little before Dani probably because I was catching less wind. When we hit the really shallow water we turned and paddled head on into the wind. It took some doing! After a while I tried to stand up but was super shaky. My leg muscles were all twitchy from being down in an odd position that whole time and kept shaking. I was having a hard time controlling myself so I gave it up and got back down and paddled from my knees again.

Eventually we got to a point where we were just getting tossed around too much and decided to turn and paddle back towards town. The chop was coming right at us on the left side and made for a challenging paddle. When we hit town again we were hoping for a nice easy downwind paddle but that really wasn’t the case. The wind was being counteracted by the outgoing tide and we still had to fight it the rest of the way back. I definitely got a workout! Just before we landed at the dock Matt was taking off with two other renters to give them a little instruction. So Dani and I just hung out with our feet in the water shooting the breeze until he circled back around.

On the way home I stopped in SLO and sifted through the fin selections at a few of the surf shops. Most of them didn’t have much and you really had to go searching to find them. Eventually I found something new and interesting to try out at Moondoggies. I bought some Laguna Surf Fins for bodyboarding and bodysurfing. They have a fairly rigid blade but a neoprene and cloth foot pocket for comfort. As someone with really chewed up feet from my duckfeet fins I’m very intrigued by this and curious if the softer foot pocket is going to cause any power loss or odd feelings while kicking… we’ll see Monday night when I get them wet for the first time!

2 Responses to “Paddling into the Wind and Back Against the Current”

  1. Evan says:

    SUPs against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past?

  2. Rob D says:

    haha… way to elevate the literary legit-ness of the blog… I’m going to have to use a lot of “dude’s” and made up words to balance this out :p