Sometimes I’m an exciting guy, haha. Yesterday I went to the beach in hopes of catching some sun and a few waves but only one of the two showed up. Since there was nothing to surf on I ended up taking a pretty glorious beach nap. When I fell asleep there were a handful of people on the sand and it was fairly overcast. When I woke up there were like 200 more people and lots more sunshine… still no waves though. Once I had my fill of the beach I took off on the rest of my day and spent a few hours working on a picture project that I think might be pretty cool… I’ll let you guys know in a couple weeks when I have the finished product in hand :)

Today started pretty similarly… overcast with no waves. I got to the beach early enough that I got a really good parking spot right in front of the beach, score! Since I had a lot of time I walked over to the Custom House for some breakfast out on the patio looking over the ocean. I kept trying to will bigger waves with my mind so that I’d have something to play on later but it didn’t work, damn.

When I worked my way back down to the sand Sylvia was already there and getting set up for the day. We had a few others join us soon after. I laid out a towel and laid down with my hat over my face to sneak in a cat nap. I was awoken to an announcement of 60 degree water! Whoo!

Ultimately we had 9 swimmers get in the water and 4 different swims going on. 3 started early and swam the buoy line, Niel did the buoy line by himself sans wetsuit in preparation for Santa Cruz next week, 3 swimmers did the classic triangle, and then Duke and I did a double triangle swim good for probably about 2800-3000meters.

Although the water was extremely calm in the morning there was a chop building that was blowing right to left across the beach. By the time we got in and started swimming it had developed to something a little difficult to swim in but not too crazy. The one thing we all seemed to agree on while getting in was that it wasn’t 60 degrees. Niel must have lucked out and found a patch of that warm water that flows in from the creek when he dropped his thermometer from the pier. If I had to guess I’d say it was more like 57 in most spots. I felt good out in the water today but was dragging a bit. Chad and Duke managed to pull out a good distance in front of me on all legs. I sorta just found a rhythm and stuck with it even though it wasn’t all that fast.

Once we’d gone all the way around to the buoy nearest the other side of pier we lost 3 from our group leaving just Duke and I to swim back the way we came. Since it was just the two of us we cut out some of the stops in favor of just swimming through turns. We took a quick break at the tip of the pier and then again at the last buoy before swimming in. It was a solid swim all the way around and probably 2800-3000m, I didn’t have my gps with me today so my best guess is the best I have to work with on that one.

After our swim it was back to the beach and time to lay out on my towel again. There’s something extra nice about napping on the beach :) I should be back out in the ocean tomorrow for a private swim session and then some boogie Monday action assuming the water actually has waves in it…

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  1. Lorraine says:

    Wow, gorgeous photos! What a nice way to spend the day.