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Today was my first trip to the pool this month! All my swimming so far has been open water swimming and well… I’m totally ok with that :) It was good to go see my Santa Maria pool friends though. The bad news was the pool was packed. People everywhere and major lane encroachment was in effect. Typically we can hold about 3 lanes at a minimum for our group but these summer only types didn’t get our subtle putting all our stuff down hints. Ultimately Kelly and Patty split two different lanes with strangers and then Mike, Chad, Duke, Dani and I all squeezed down into one lane for our workout. It was quite the travesty, and I may be a little spoiled haha

None of us is particularly used to circling so it was a little messy… there were some bumps and goosings during the first 1000 yards while we were getting our act together. Mike made up a workout with short pieces to account for our “predicament” since we were running people of majorly different speeds inside one lane.

200 swim
200 kick
200 swim

6 x 75 @ 1:30 odds fly/back/breast, evens free

10 x 50 @ 1:00 kick

Repeat x 4
50 fast @ 1:00
75 cruise @ 1:30

2050 yards total

After about 30 minutes the lanes started to thin out a bit and we got to spread back out. I jumped in Patty’s lane and we split for the rest of the workout. We didn’t go super far today but it felt good to cruise in a controlled environment and swim some strokes other than freestyle for a minute. I should be back in the pool on Thursday for some more of this… although I hear the surf will be up that day… hmmmm :)

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