Wednesday night I got in a quick swim with Ryan. Normally Niel would be there but he had work stuff to attend to. Ryan is fresh off of a half ironman so we decided to just take it easy and cruise the triangle route and call it a day.

The water was probably 57-58 based on my human thermometer and what the nearest buoy was reading. Normally pretty warm for me but I had a bit of a chill getting in. I think it was the mean crosswind we had blowing. It was going left to right parallel to the beach. While I was half in I felt pretty cold but once I finally just tossed myself through a wave and started swimming I snapped out of it and warmed right up.

We made a quick stop at the first buoy and then swam headlong into the chop to the end of the buoy line. It was a really tightly spaced and persistent chop which made it a little hard to deal with. Luckily once we rounded the buoy it got a lot easier to cut through at our new angle. We made a stop at the tip of the pier to regroup and there was a dude up there fishing off the corner with a line pulled way out by the current. Ryan asked if he’d been catching anything and the guy said he reeled in a big bat ray the day before… I couldn’t tell if he said 18 pound or 80 pound ray though… both are impressive but one is a lot more intimidating than the other! It gives me one more creature to think I’m seeing in the murky water underneath me when I’m swimming :)

When we started back up we swam in between the pier and this guy’s line since it was so far out. As we neared the creek buoy there was a major bump in water temperature. Like a 7 or 8 degree jump, it was pretty crazy. It felt good but we were definitely suspicious… random hot water in the ocean can’t be a good thing right? The warmth lasted all the way to the buoy and then down to the next one on the way back towards the pier. And then as quick as it came into our lives, boom! Cold water! That was a shock to drop so much all at once. It took me a minute or two to reprocess the cold and get my body back on track.

I finished up my swim with one of the best bodysurfing waves I’ve ridden in a while. There were 4 other people lined up with boogie boards that were working on catching this wave, I rode it in further than any of them and I was the only one with no board :)

Tonight I was planning to follow up Wednesday’s swim with a nice dip in the lake but we found signs like this that discouraged that idea:

Jason and I knew that there’d been some icky algae bloom type activity out there but wanted to see for ourselves what was going on and if it was getting better. First we stopped at our regular beach and it was hard to tell what was up because the wind was blowing real hard and the surface was choppy and covered in white caps. We drove around to the wind surf cove to look there and it was way more obvious how much the muck had overpowered the lake. It was green and cloudy under the surface and it didn’t smell so great either. We decided to call it a day and drive back to town. Hopefully this algae thing subsides shortly, I’d like my alternate swim spot back!

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