My regular Thursday night swim partner Jason is back in town after a trip abroad and we got back to our regular swim pattern. This time we added a bonus swimmer though with Danilu. I’d traded a few texts with her during the day and she was going to bring her little surf kayak to help with the swim. I figured I’d be down to paddle today since I’ve been in the water a lot recently and haven’t had much of a chance to paddle myself. This plan went a little sideways when she realized on the drive out that she packed a kayak in the truck bed but not a paddle, heh, whoops! Oh well, I guess I’m swimming :)

Down by the lake we found a bike lock in her truck to use to lock it up in the bed and then everyone got suited up. I measured 70 right at the shore in the shallow water, but it was probably more like 67-68 where we were swimming further out.

We decided to swim over towards the Wind Surf beach and then play it by ear from there. Jason took off in front and I hung back with Dani. I wasn’t looking to go too fast today and I wanted to make sure she was on track and doing good since this was the first time she’d swam with us in the evening although she has done a decent amount of swimming in the lake. I was also worried about a jetskier we’d seen out there who looked like he might come buzz around inside the no wake zone and figured a little strength in numbers would be good and make us more visible. We swam out and around a finger of land but didn’t go all the way into the cove. There were people hanging out in there and we didn’t want to go get in the way. We decided to shoot out in the opposite direction into the middle of a different part of the lake.

The chop was pretty healthy tonight and pushing back towards the beach we started at which meant it was coming in perpendicularly to us on this leg. Luckily I’m a right side breather and it all just hit me on my non breathing side. At an arbitrarily decided point chosen by Jason we stopped, regrouped and decided to swim it back in. Dani and I took a fairly straight shot and Jason looped out a bit to squeeze in a little extra distance.

I let Dani get out in front of me for a while before starting to swim to make up for our speed differences. This was a pretty good plan until her line started to drift towards a big hunk of land jutting into the lake! I chased her down and got her to turn a little to avoid having a run in with a hill. From there we swam together back towards the boat ramp where we got in. I swam a lot of breast stroke and Dani switched it up with some fly and backstroke. We were both totally on cruise mode… it was just a nice day to be in the water and nobody was too worried about what we actually accomplished today, just that we were there :)

Back at the water’s edge we had some admirers that were totally impressed that we’d come from so far away although it wasn’t even that far of a swim for us. And then while drying off I spotted one of my CVMM teammates! Crazy! Especially seeing as he lives 150 miles away and he happened to run into me in a speedo at the edge of a lake in a really empty parking lot. Weird right?

Anyways, it was a totally good night out… and from now on I bet Dani doesn’t ever forget her paddle again :) I don’t think I’ll be swimming any tomorrow, I’ve got a chiropractor appointment instead to see just how messed up I might be at the moment. I will be back in action on Saturday morning at the lake though. Should be fun!

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