I really don’t gnow why there’s a gnome in this pic…
Santa Maria is a weird place :p

So I’m a little behind blogtastically… I was busy, busy, busy on Tuesday with swim stuff and a local trade group meeting. And then instead of going home and knocking out a blog post I went to a concert in SLO and didn’t end up in bed until like 1:30am… heh, whoops :)

Anyways… from the top! I swam in the pool down in Santa Maria for the first time in a while. It had been closed for a week and my body was a little broke down anyways during that time so this was my first interaction with chlorine since the 7th!

We’ve entered into my least favorite part of the year at this pool… summer vacation… the parking becomes scarcer, the locker rooms wetter, and the pool’s urine content substantially higher. There were a quarter billion kids in there on Tuesday… it’s gonna be a long summer. We even had one lane circle swimming, oh the humanity! haha

I don’t think there was a ton of long distance motivation in the group and we ended up doing 2100 yards that were as hard as you wanted them to be. I was taking it a little easy on the first half mainly because I wasn’t sure how my shoulder was going to do in water warm enough to feel it. Once it warmed up I did really well for a while but towards the end of the last set it started to shut me down and I switched from swimming to kicking to give it a break.

12 x 50 @ 1:00 choice
8 x 100 Free IM @ 1:40
12 x 75 Free @ 1:10 (did the last 4 kick)

2100 yards total

On the way back to the office I got a text while sitting at a stop light asking if I could do an open water personal training session like right now! I pulled into my parking lot, traded a few more texts to see what the deal was and I was in! I popped my head in the office to let them know I was off to the lake and I’d be back later and went off to meet my new client.

My new guy is getting ready for the Malibu Tri in September and needs help getting ready for the swim. We’re starting out at Lake Lopez to get his stroke sorted out and build up some experience. Later in the summer we’ll migrate to the ocean to get ready for the colder water and bigger waves. We spent some time swimming back and forth across a small cove in the lake getting comfortable with open water. I think we made a lot of progress and our next outing should be even better!

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