I see a lot of my friends mention ice baths and stuff like that on Facebook when they talk about acclimating their bodies to cold water. I’m not so sure I could get into that. Instead I use other water sports to get in bonus cold water time… take boogie boarding or surfing, remove the wetsuit, and all of a sudden you have some serious acclimatization practice. You’re immersed and largely just waiting for waves so you’re not producing any heat from your movements. It can definitely be a challenge. As a bonus it’s totally fun :) Today’s “training session” consisted of Dani and I trying to surf down at Avila.

When I say try it’s not because the waves sucked… it’s because we suck… it’s going to be a while before either of us can legitimately call what we do in the ocean with 8 foot boards surfing :) This was only my third time out on my board and her first time ever. She bought a soft top board at Costco and we assembled it in the back of her truck before hitting the beach. She asked me for my tips on how surfing worked… best I could come up with was look out for your noggin when you crash and don’t get too close to me because my board is way pointier and heavier than yours. Maybe not entirely helpful but pretty good advice nonetheless. It’s fair to say that I’m a danger to myself and others whilst attempting to surf… haha… sad but true, don’t get too close dude!

Getting in was pretty awesome :/ Maybe 52 degrees? I don’t know, it burned pretty good at first. I got over it after my first wipe out though. Initially we paddled out a little too far to catch anything. I tried to paddle after some waves but it wasn’t happening. I moved it a little further in and started to get some action.

I got decent at actually catching a wave, standing up still needs work. Dani said I looked super legit like I knew what I was doing all the way up to the standing portion… then my poser-dom became much more obvious. My best rides were with one knee down. I did get temporarily upright a few times, but mainly took dramatic tumbles in shallow water :) At least I was much better at not going head first and protecting my head while falling than I was on Sunday. A few times I made sure to stay under a little longer post wipe out to make sure my board had passed over me and wasn’t going to knock me out.

Dani wasn’t having too much luck where I was so she moved further in towards the beach and worked on riding the white water to get a feel for how the whole thing worked. She managed to get up on her feet a few times!

We kept at this for probably an hour or so. The sun was just about to drop behind the mountains when we got out. We walked our boards back up to the street laughing at how bad we were, I think some high fives were involved, and then we both went home from there. I’m not sure that I’ll be able to take my board out again this week, but maybe when I get back home from my race in Utah I can start going out a little more regularly until I figure out how to actually stand/ride/turn/etc!

2 Responses to “Sneaky Cold Water Tolerance Training”

  1. Evan says:

    ice baths… lol

  2. Rob D says:

    c’mon Evan, all the cool kids are doing it right? :)