I leave for Salt Lake City in like 7 hours… maybe I should go to bed… or pack… maybe I’ll get to it in a minute :) What I did manage to do in advance of my impending Salty Marathon adventure is get one last swim in out at Lake Lopez. My friend Dani is doing some crazy adventure race that involves kayaking and her teammate had never actually kayaked before so we needed to fix that. They came by my place and we loaded up my boat onto the truck, all squeezed into the front cab, and drove out to the lake.

We didn’t have much of a plan. They needed to practice paddling together and I wanted to swim a bit. The wind was blowing towards shore pretty hard and there was some chop to contend with, but nothing too crazy. Dani and Gina walked the kayak down to the boat ramp and got situated. I followed shortly behind cap and goggles in hand.

The girls took off for the buoy about half a mile straight out. I took the same line but didn’t make it all the way there, they were way too fast in that thing for me to stay anywhere near them. Eventually they turned around and caught back up with me to ask where else to go. I sent them off to the right down a finger of the lake Jason and I have swam before. They went pretty deep into it. To the point that I couldn’t see them anymore between the chop, glare from the sun, and the distance.

Once I had gone about as far as I was going to go I took to floating for a while until I had visual confirmation of where the kayak was at. Once I saw a little glare reflecting off the paddles away in the distance that looked like they were coming towards me I turned around and started to swim back towards the boat ramp.

They caught me about 3/4 of the way there and asked if I was done or what was going on. I told them that I swam all I needed to for today since I have a race coming up soon. The opted for one more big circle while I took my sweet time actually getting back to the shallows.

Since Gina had the key to my truck in her life jacket I just stayed in the water so I wouldn’t have to hang out in the wind in the parking lot in a drag suit… that could have been a little awkward. Instead I just hung out and watched the ducks go about their business.

Eventually the girls came back, we got some pictures for Facebook evidence and got out of the water. Loading the boat back up went pretty quick… I’m getting better at it… and we all squished ourselves back in the cab of the truck to go home.

A few hours later I haven’t done any of the things I meant to do yet, but I did at least shampoo the hell out of my beard. I figure the people next to me on the plane tomorrow will appreciate me more if I don’t smell like musty lake funk :) So now I guess I pack… sleep ever so briefly and then get out of town!

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