What a great day. Like unbelievably good. The weather was fantastic, the water felt great, I got in a longer than usual swim, I bodyboarded some waves, and we had a whole bunch of dolphins in the water! How cool is that? I haven’t been that close to dolphins here in a pretty long time, it was pretty rad. The only bummer was that all my waterproof cameras are dead at the moment so I have no proof. You guys will just have to imagine giant grey dolphins swimming around me.

I got to the beach a little early and laid down for a beach nap. Sylvia and Yvonne were shuffling about getting ready to go swim early and I talked to them a bit in the middle of my dozing off. Yvonne spotted dolphins and I sat up to check it out. There were a bunch of them hanging out by buoy line. Always good to see before getting in the water.

After they took off other swimmers started to hit the beach. We had some new folks and some that we haven’t seen in a long time. I think all told between the various swims we had going on we put about 11 people in the water which is really big for us!

Around 11 we started to make our way to the water. I was our lone non-wetsuiter in this group, but I think Sylvia didn’t wear one either on her earlier swim. Our initial plan was to swim to the first buoy and then see how everyone was doing since we didn’t know a lot of the folks out there today. At the buoy we were greeted by about 5 big dolphins. They probably got as close as 3-4m to us at one point. Really cool to see them that up close.

From here we swam the length of the buoy line down to buoy number three. I hung back a little to keep an eye on the back of the pack and make sure everyone was doing ok. Part way down one of the ladies who has swam with us before told me to go ahead and take off, she’d keep an eye on things back there for me. I picked up the pace and swam down a few other swimmers on my way to the buoy.

Once we regrouped our next objective was the top of the pier. I decided to start picking up the pace a little bit. I was the last one to leave the buoy, but I got to the pier just behind Duke and Bill (who was visiting from LA). The group spread out quite a bit on this leg and I swam back just a little bit to watch the last part of the group finish to the pier. In the meantime we had a lot of curious onlookers up on the pier wondering what we were up to and why you would do that :)

We followed things up with a swim to the creek buoy and then back to the pier. At this point most of the group turned back to shore but Niel and I decided we wanted to swim a little more. Bill decided to join us. We swam under the pier and made moves towards the far end of the buoy line again. I really felt myself starting to come into my groove about this time. I was feeling smooth and pulling away from the guys a little bit. En route you could feel the wind start to pick up a bit, but nothing too major yet.

After a short regrouping at the buoy we set a course for the pier again with intentions of deciding which side to swim back down once we got there. The angle of this leg left you a little more open to the motion of the ocean. I got a couple mouthfulls of water on the way but it wasn’t too bad. I’m probably still a little immune to it all thanks to the Great Salt Lake Marathon Swim :)

Once we were all gathered up at the pier we decided to swim back down the west side of it. We took a brief intermission though to see where an inbound boat was going. They were coming from Pismo and motored straight at us for a bit then out to a mooring spot on the west side of the pier. The swim down the pier turned us onto the only cold water I’d really run into during the whole swim. Niel had measured 55.5 before we swam but it felt much warmer, probably from all the sunshine, this water felt much more true to his measurement.

Down in the shallows I stopped as soon as I could get a foot down and managed to snag a really good body surfing wave. The waves were pretty spaced out, but every once and a while you’d get a pretty good one. This encouraged me to go grab my boogie board and fins out of the truck to do some more surfing post swim. I managed to catch some good waves and had some really good drop ins, but the way the waves break here there’s nowhere to go once you’re in there so I took a few fun tumbles :)

All told we swam 2800m, and I’m very happy with my day :) Hopefully this weather holds for tomorrow because I have 2 swim lessons to teach, one at the lake and one in the ocean, plus it’s boogie Monday so I gotta go surf on something with Dani!

One Response to “Dolphin Guided Swim in Avila”

  1. Brendan says:

    I was wondering where the dolphins went. I have not seen one dolphin this year in Oceanside. It is always exciting to have them in the water not too far away. I think of them as good luck.