So it never rains in June in California… that’s just not how we do things around here. Well… just in time for my birthday BOOM! Rain, wind, and cold… not cool. So after planning on doing a nighttime swim in Avila Beach for my 30th birthday the last couple weeks I had to call it off. I don’t really want to drag everyone through salty agricultural run off soup and give them hepatitis for my birthday, people would probably stop coming to my parties after that :)

When I woke up this morning it was just as gross and dreary as predicted. I contemplated just staying home and sleeping on the couch but I got an email from my buddy Tyler asking if anyone was going to swim in Santa Maria at lunchtime. I decided I should at least go do that. I’m happy underwater, best to not miss an opportunity to get wet!

I drove down and there were only a handful of people out at the pool. The guards only put in a few lane lines, I ended up with a lane 5 lanes wide… it was pretty glamorous until I had to share it :)

Tyler wasn’t there yet when the pool opened so I started to swim a 30 x 100… why not go for the classic swimmer birthday set right? He joined me around 100 number 8.

5 x 100 free
5 x 100 kick
5 x 100 IM
5 X 100 free
5 x 100 kick with fins
5 x 100 free with fins, fast!

We used pretty loose intervals and didn’t push the pace too much until the end. My final hundred was around a minute so I was happy with that. We floated around afterwards for a while just talking and hanging out. No one really wanted to get out since it wasn’t so nice outside.

In other news… I got a super rad birthday package from my buddy Gords in Utah! Check out the shirt he sent me…

Awesome right? I’m stoked to get out there next week and swim his 8 mile Great Salt Lake race! This past week Gords did a big Salt Lake Swim and wrote about it on his blog, go check it out!

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