Normally I’d be a little cranky about waking up early enough to swim at 8am on a Saturday, but I was pretty ok with it today since I crashed out around 8pm last night. Do I know how to party or what? haha… My Friday night consisted of a trip to the chiropractor (which felt pretty fantastic afterwards), dinner, and bed. Anyways a little after 7 I was out the door and driving to Lopez to meet up with some folks from the Central Coast Tri Club and do some swimming.

It was pretty foggy and misty on the way out to the lake and there was a lot of fog hanging low over the water when I got to the beach. I grabbed my thermometer to take a quick reading and the temp was a little cooler than the week before but still warm (65-66ish). Other swimmers started to filter in and eventually we had about 8 or 9 people there. I was especially excited to have one of my CVMM teammates show up as well! Matt had been camping at the lake and I randomly saw him on Thursday evening and invited him out for this morning. It was sort of funny that he didn’t think to call me to workout because he didn’t realize I went this far inland :)

Once everybody got introduced to each other we waded into the water which was waaaay greener than usual. It was algae city today. Note to self keep your mouth closed and wash the hell out of your beard later…

Our swim was basically just like the week before, back and forth across the cove. There was zero activity at the wind surf launch beach this time however so we could swim all the way there before turning instead of having to turn midway. I measured the distance out between our turn around points to be almost 300 meters.

We cruised back and forth for a while regrouping on each side. Matt’s pretty fast and lead the pack, I can’t keep up with the guy anymore. He credits a lot of it to the technical coaching he’s getting down at CVMM. I need to go spend some time down south with them and focus on stroke technique a bit. He picked out a few things I need to work on a bit while I was swimming which was good. I have a pretty good idea what I should and shouldn’t be doing, but it’s hard to tell when you’re doing it since you can’t see yourself swim.

Eventually group thinned out with the ladies leaving just us guys to swim a few more lengths. When we were rejoined by Samantha the other guys swam it in and I swam a little more with her. I got in 2.4 miles total, not bad for a Saturday morning right? :) I also got coated in green algae. I had patches of it on my arms post swim… it’s not super easy to see in the pictures, but ewww… hopefully that stuff settles back down to the bottom before my next trip out!

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