I started my Wednesday morning with a trip to Avila to do a swim lesson. I got there pretty early and watched the lifeguards doing their training for a while out in the fog. There was a whole bunch of running and then they swam an arc from the creek over the top of the pier and back down to the end of the beach nearest to Fossil Point. I always kinda want to hop in and chase after them when I see them out there, but they probably don’t want some crazy bearded guy with no wetsuit crashing their workout :)

This morning’s swim was more of a practical application sort of day. We took all the stuff we’d been working on the last couple weeks and turned it into a swim of the full triangle which is good for approximately a mile. This is a big leap from where we started with just laps around two of the buoys on the right hand side of the pier! My guy did great out there. Real solid on the first half where we’d already done plenty of swimming. We had some minor course corrections on the other side of the pier but that’s ok, we’d never been over there before.

We still have a few more weeks until we hit his target event (an Alcatraz crossing) so we’re going to keep building up his open water experience to get ready for it! We’re also going to aim for some afternoon swims in hopes of finding some chop to battle through so he’s ready for that in case the SF Bay is a little agitated the day he goes swimming.

Later that day I was back on the beach for a post work swim and it was unbelievably gorgeous down there! The fog burned off over Avila despite persisting in other places and the sand was packed with people in search of sunshine. There was even a lot of people IN the water! Crazy! I met Niel at the top of the staircase to the beach and he was all kinds of excited. According to his thermometer the water was running at 63 which is as hot as it ever gets here! The water had been warm that morning (56-57 on my thermometer), and apparently it had cooked all day after that. Niel was all about a longer than usual swim today so we decided to swim to the Poly Pier, woo hoo!

Getting in the water where the waves were breaking it was nice but definitely not 60+. Once we got out past the breakers we hit some crazy hot patches of water though. It felt pretty good! We swam down to about where the buoy line is and then turned under the pier to swim the length of the buoy line (now with 3 buoys again!) on that side.

We took a quick pause at the creek buoy and looked around and enjoyed our good fortune to catch the ocean on a day it was feeling warm and smooth :) From here we aimed for the cross braces around the middle of the pier. This was a nice long chunk where we could just cruise and enjoy the water. We all spread out a little bit and swam in our own little worlds. It was about as good a swim as you could ask for.

From the Poly Pier we swam across to the Avila Pier keeping an eye out for the Hawaiian Outrigger Canoes that were launching from the beach. Both of them managed to sneak by without getting to close to us. Once we got to the pier we decided to aim for the middle buoy and then swim back to the pier and into the beach.

We swam just shy of a mile and a half and it was pretty fantastic. I’m really glad I decided to go because I was pretty tired and having some motivation issues at the end of the day. This swim fixed me right up :)

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