I decided yesterday kind of on a whim that Sunday would be an excellent day to go swimming in Monterey… totally right :) I drove up this morning and it was absolutely gorgeous in the Bay today. All sun and no fog, light breeze (it built up later in the day though), and according to the buoy we swam to it was around 56 degrees! I’ll take some more of that thank you!

OMLB, how you know you’re almost to Monterey

I met John up in the parking lot around and caught up a little bit, I haven’t been to visit since February. I also got to meet some of his family who happened to be walking by. Greg showed up soon after and then Matt who was out for his first swim with the group. He’s a DLIer and talking to him reminded me that it’s been 10 years this month since I started my classes at DLI… holy crap I’m old…

Once everyone was suited up (2 skins, 2 wetsuits) we wandered down to the beach. There were a lot of people just hanging out on the sand and plenty of scuba divers in the water. I tried to be the first one in the water to start my acclimating because I know once John hits the water he’s all in and gone. By the time I was in to my waist the other 3 guys got in and took off. I waited a few more seconds and then tossed myself in and chased after them. I caught up to Greg and Matt and followed them through the kelp beds. Once things opened up a little more I chased down John and swam with him the rest of the way to the buoy. I have a really hard time seeing the buoy here, it’s a short yellow ball that’s pretty easily lost behind a swell or some chop.

When we got to the buoy we hung out and soaked in the view while the rest of the group swam in behind us. You could see everything, it was great. Sticking with tradition, Matt had to kiss the buoy since it was his first time out there.

From the buoy it was a straight, much easier to sight, shot back to the beach. We got going and broke into the same groups. Part way back I sighted forward and saw arms coming right at us… it was Chris! He had been at the Big Sur Marathon earlier in the day and was a little late getting to the beach. He swam out to meet us, surprise! :)

He asked if anybody wanted to swim the rest of the way to the buoy with him, John and I opted in and the other guys kept swimming for the beach. We made pretty quick time back and just for good measure took more pictures out by the buoy :) Once everybody was ready to go we got moving back towards the beach one more time.

On the way in the swell picked up a little bit and the wind got a little more aggressive. Nothing too crazy, but noticeable if since it was all coming from my right and that’s the side I breath on. I stayed pretty close to John through the open-er water but we split up a little once we hit the kelp bed. At this point it’s basically swim wherever you see a hole. You end up making a lot of odd turns in thick kelp beds.

Back at the beach our other swimmers were there waiting and we had some other regular swimmers hanging out who had ran that morning instead of swimming. Since everyone was hanging out chatting I took the opportunity to dive around in the kelp not too far off shore and see what was out there. I didn’t see much more than plant life and one crab, but I did get to take a couple cool pictures.

Based on a conversation I had with Chris I may be back in Monterey in a couple weeks. We still need to confirm this mystery adventure, but if everything goes according to plan I’ll have something super fun and awesome to announce soon :)

2 Responses to “Why Not Swim Monterey Today?”

  1. IronMike says:

    You’re not old Rob. Next month is 25 years for me since I showed up at basic.

  2. Rob D says:

    wow… ok, you’re old and I feel much better :p