I had a full slate of aquatic adventures today! I began with a trip to the pool in Santa Maria for lunch. We started with just a handful of us but our numbers grew a little as the workout wore on. It was a pretty nice day out and I was happy to have the sun shining on me after a string of days that were pretty gloomy.

Since Mike was distracted with something on deck at the beginning of workout I just started swimming a reverse IM seeing as that’s a popular way to start a workout around here. Turns out I guessed wrong, but it’s ok since I managed to squeeze in an extra 200 yards before we really got going.

200 warm up
300 swim
200 kick

12 x 25 fly drill

8 x 50 variables

300 swim

6 x 50 kick

hustle back to work

2000 yards total

The last set of the day was supposed to be 2 rounds of 400 pull and 4 x 100 swim descending… since I had one more swim today and wouldn’t be able to finish that before going back to work I did a 300 swim then kicked 300 yards before getting out of the pool.

After wrapping up my workday I met Jason out in my parking lot at the office. We had a bunch of people that were interested in swimming with us tonight but that didn’t really work out so well. I think a mix of real life and the Tour of California making a stop in Paso Robles distracted our more triathletely leaning friends. Hopefully next week we get them out in the water!

Anyways we cruised out to the lake and it was pretty empty. These weekday swims are awesome because no one is around… summer weekends this place goes crazy… chances are we’ll avoid those completely. There were some turkeys hanging out by the water and just one dude fishing off a little dock on the right hand side of where we were planning to enter the water. Basically we were going to copy Monday’s swim since we don’t know how long the lake will be this full allowing us to do it.

I brought my digital thermometer with me and checked the water temp at the edge of the lake, 68. Not bad at all. There were a few colder patches, but nothing below 64 I’m sure.

We swam straight out from where we splashed to the bridge. We stopped there to hang out and scout where we were going to look for boats and fishermen. We noticed a whole bunch of bird activity under the bridge tonight. They’ve been building mud nests under there and were hard at work expanding them. We also noticed a mild current pushing us under the bridge.

We aimed for “ghost tree” again and made just one stop en route for Jason to fix his cap. While we were there Ryan who swims in the ocean with me rode by on the road above and yelled down at us. No idea what he said but we waved :) He left me a comment on Facebook later about how me and my SSD looked like a bobber floating in the lake.

Jason and I finished our swim towards the end of this finger of the lake and hung out and talked for a while out there until he needed to get swimming again to generate some heat. We swam straight back to the bridge… well I stopped short to take some pictures. The lighting looked pretty awesome and I had this killer shot in front of me each time I took a breath so felt it was best to get out the camera real quick :) Once I caught up we spent more time observing our nest building bird friends and then turned it in towards the boat ramp.

Part way down we spotted some guy fishing in our spot. Crap. Jason wanted to try and get out over by this floating dock thing instead. I wasn’t a fan of the idea but it beat swimming straight at a fisherman. Now that I’ve done it though I’d like to retract my previous statement :) We swam up to the side of this thing and there were full on bushes underwater right next to it so I had tiny branches jabbing into my feet while trying to get out… fun! Then the dock goes nowhere, you have to offroad it through much and stinging nettles to get back around to where the truck was parked. I was not a fan of this part of the adventure.

Once we were dried off and put back together we drove out to the marina to scope out some future possible swim courses. We may get a little creative and go long sometime early next week. In the meantime I have to get ready for my Monterey Bay Relay adventure! I’m getting really stoked for this and I’m extra excited that we added one of my really good friends to the roster as a last minute replacement for someone that had to drop out. She’s coming up here from SoCal tomorrow and then we’ll head up to Monterey on Saturday to meet up with the rest of the team and go to Santa Cruz to begin our swim back down the coast.

3 Responses to “Two 2k Swims and Some Turkeys”

  1. Katie says:

    Nice post, and great pics. Were you worried about disturbing the fish or getting hit by a line? I think I would have told the fisherman I was coming in and then gone for it rather than braving the lake shore ecosystem.

    Was all of that a no wake zone? Do you have any chafing problems with the SSD?

  2. Rob D says:


    Well we try to leave the fishermen alone and not disturb their good time in hopes that they won’t disturb ours. We should have just told this guy to reel it in for a minute so we could get out though. Our off road hike back to the truck was pretty lame. Lesson learned.

    Where we swam last night was a no wake zone, we’re looking to go exploring further out but we need to bring our own boats/kayaks to make that safe enough to do. So far no chafing problems with the SSD. It’s a little annoying sometimes, but no abrasions.

  3. Merritt says:

    Awesome turkeys.