It was kind of a gross day, grey and occasionally rainy, hopefully the coast gets this rain out of its system before Saturday night and the big Monterey Bay Relay! I drove down to Santa Maria and we had a small group working out today. I think we maxed out at 5 or 6 and I shared a lane with my buddy Chad. I’ve been feeling pretty good in the water recently and was happy with today’s workout. I had to skip the last 250 yards to get back to work, but what I was there for was good.

400 Reverse IM
400 swim
6 x 50 IM switching @ 1:00

12 x 75 (25 kick, 50 swim) @ 1:20

4 x 125 swim

2500 yards total

Nobody seemed to be particularly excited about those 75′s but I sort of dug them. For whatever reason I kind of like odd numbered distances… 75′s and 125′s always go well for me for some reason… too bad that’s not an official race distance.

In other news… I sold my good bike today. The good news is it’s being turned into swim funding, the bad news is even though I don’t ride much these days I still loved that bike. I sent it home with a nice younger guy who sounds like he’s going to be doing some cyclocross racing with it. At least I still have my other bike that I modified to be an around town commuter for days I want to pedal a little bit.

The way I see it is I have about 3 swims between here and Monterey! One in the ocean tomorrow in Avila, one more in the pool on Thursday and then later that day in the lake. I can’t believe it’s so close, I’m stoked!

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