I slept in this morning until about 10am… it was beautiful :) As is my morningly habit I rolled over and grabbed my phone to see what kind of excitement it had for me today. I had a small pile of text messages but one jumped out at me… my buddy Jason was going to Kennedy in SLO to swim some long course and wanted to know if I wanted to go. It was sent about 5 minutes before I woke up so I figured I still had a chance to make it. I wrote him back and let him know it’d take about 15 minutes for me to get myself together and leave the house. He was still on the freeway and lives further from the pool than I do so this was gonna work. I’d miss his warm up but we could get in a set together.

I threw on a suit and some clothes, tossed goggles/towel/etc in my swim bag and rushed out the door and into the truck. By the time I got to the gym, through the locker room and onto the pool deck he was about 600m deep in his workout. He let me know what his plan was and we rolled with that until he had to split for work.

300 kick w/ fins

2 x 300 swim
6 x 100 swim

200 IM
100 Kick
200 cruise

2000m total

It wasn’t a particularly long workout but it got me out of the house and got my day in motion. After the pool I went into downtown SLO to do some shopping. I bought a kinda sorta water proof headlamp that I can clip to my goggles while night swimming. I’m going to Santa Cruz on Tuesday to swim in the dark and figured I’d try out a more high tech solution than just a glow stick.

I also got some new sandals… my last pair has almost been lost or abandoned multiple times in various parts of the country but I finally lost them, well at least one of them, this past week only 5 miles from the house. After boogie boarding on Monday I must have put them on top of the truck and in my post ocean frostiness forget them there and drove off. One landed in the truck bed, the other is lost on the mean streets of Pismo Beach. Hopefully someone found it and at least chucked it in a trash can, I don’t like littering even though that was more of just an unfortunate losing. Also worth noting, you know you’ve fully made the transition to being a real Californian when you view $45 flip flops as a good investment :)

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