I made it back out to ocean today after work and met Niel and Ryan at the beach. I was pretty dazed and tired from yesterday’s excitement and my 3 hours of sleep. I was a little bit of a mess and was awkwardly slow at putting myself together to go swim. I think if I were a normal person I would have gone home and slept but I have a very hard time skipping an opportunity to play in the ocean :)

Since the current was moving pretty strongly right to left and a bunch of dudes were fishing off the pier with their lines drifting way out we decided to do a modified version of the triangle.

Getting in was a little rough. I think my sleep deprivation and the wind multiplied to make everything feel way worse than usual. Niel measured 55 and the nearest buoy was reading 50.4… I think think the truth was somewhere between the two but closer to the buoy.

We started on the right side of the pier and fought our way through the chop towards the phantom creek buoy. The chop was moving fast, at a good size, and an awkward interval. I actually think we overshot where the creek buoy used to be by a pretty good distance, but that’s ok by this point I was getting comfortable in the water after being all prickly and cold through a lot of that first leg.

From there we swam up to the top of the pier and I made sure to keep an eye out for the Hawaiian outrigger boats. One was already in the water and there were 4 more working on launching while we were swimming. They must have seen us because they never got anywhere near us that I could tell.

The top of the pier consisted of a very short break to regroup and was followed by a swim to the 2nd buoy on the other side. It should be a diagonal shot but the current pushed us sideways enough that it forced the line further out than it would usually go. From the buoy we decided to angle towards the beach as opposed to the pier in an effort to avoid the guys fishing right at the surfline. I bodysurfed a little wave right at the end there and then walked out of the water and back to the beach and my towel. I was feeling pretty good at this point but I definitely wanted to get dry and put some clothes on!

Tomorrow I have plans to hit the pool and I think the lake as well! Should be fun!

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