I got my swim day started with a decent little swim at lunch. I was the first one of us there and started with about 250 yards before I saw the next masters type person hit the deck. Kelly jumped in a lane with me and Chris and Duke ended up taking the one next to us. Kelly and I got to work on a workout she was making up as we went along, the other guys were on their own program today and I’m not sure what they were doing exactly.

The swim I did with Kelly was all 50′s. Given that I come to Santa Maria for the short stuff and I had a lake swim planned for later this was probably the perfect workout for today. The 50′s all went down pretty smooth but I did have one piece of excitement. While backstroking one lane over Duke goosed me about as good as anyone has in a long time… I yelled woah and laughed underwater on impact… it was pretty funny. Note to self: look out for Duke’s backstroke! haha :)

250 swim

8 x 50 free @ :50
8 x 50 kick w/ fins @ :50
8x 50 pull @ 1:00
8 x 50 kick no fins @ 1:15
8 x 50 swim alt fast/easy by 50 @ 1:00

2250 yards total

After that it was back to work. Once I was done with my day I met up with Jason out in my office’s parking lot and we drove out to Lake Lopez. On the way in we noticed that a section of the lake that usually isn’t full has been very full the last two weeks and he wanted to try and swim it since it was a no wake zone and we’d be reasonably safe from boats. On the way in he asked the Ranger if it was cool to do that and he shot us down for right now. Not that we can’t necessarily go over there, but right now there’s some kind of major bass spawning going on. I’ve swam through some pretty questionable stuff, but I’m pretty sure I don’t want to swim through fish love soup so I’m glad Jason asked before we just went out and did it!

Instead we opted for a similar route to last week, but backwards and a little further on one section. We got ourselves put together in the parking lot and hid our keys. I brought the Swim Safety Device with me this time… not for storage, just visibility. A bright pink cap only goes so far in choppy water. On the walk in the water, after hopping over the lake sludge part, things felt a little chillier than last week to me. Maybe 64-65 this time… still not bad compared to the low 50′s of the ocean, but lake water just doesn’t feel the same on my skin. It’s weird and hard to explain, but salt water just triggers something in my body that kicks on the internal heater in a different way. I didn’t get cold in the lake, but I didn’t feel as warm on the inside as I do in the sea. Weird. Anyways…

As we got going we had two things going against us – head on wind chop and major glare. Our line out past the first finger of land felt a little dodgy. We stopped off the tip of it to look out and see what the boat situation was. There was one way down in the corner of the lake fishing and that was it. We set of to the right and swam way deeper into that part of the lake than we did last week. Once we got way out there we turned left and headed towards land in that direction and then left again to try and find the buoys about half a mile straight out from where we got in.

It took a while before I could see the buoys, they’re the white cigarette style ones, but half way there I finally saw one. We hit the first one and stopped for a minute to talk and look around. Plus we needed to regroup anyways, Jason was smoking me out there in his wetsuit. From here we rounded one more buoy that was pretty close to where we were and then swam it back in to shore.

En route we decided to aim for the other boat ramp just to check out the bottom there to determine if it’s a good in/out spot as well. It’s just as slimy and gross on the bottom over there so I guess it’ll do :)

All told we got in about 2400m, not bad for a Thursday night! Hopefully the next time we’ll be able to bring a kayaker out with us and go explore new parts of the lake. We want to venture out further but we really need to bring a boat with us to run interference with the more motorized craft out on the lake.

I’m not sure what tomorrow holds aquatically. I might hit the beach post work just to hang out and bodyboard, or drive up to Kennedy and grind out some long course excitement… we’ll see.

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