So I am beyond stoked right now… and building¬†unnecessary suspense in not coming right out and saying what I’m excited about… instead I’ll start by providing the fantastical hint above… need a little more? It involves cold water, a relay, one of my favorite bodies of water, and the dark. Almost? Ok, so here’s the deal… Trans Monterey Bay Relay Crossing! Yes! I have a major desire to solo this when I grow up so this is such a cool opportunity for me to preview the bay and spend some time swimming in the dark over a 3000 foot deep submarine canyon… I’m imagining that it’s going to feel like swimming in outerspace :)

So now that I have this on the agenda and coming up shortly (the 21st!) it’s reinvigorated my pool swimming motivation. I’ve been fine in the ocean but lagging when it comes to the pool. Tonight I went for a late swim at Kennedy’s 50m pool. I plugged my newest H2O Audio Interval Case in and swam nonstop for an hour while day dreaming a little about upcoming swims. I was playing the same playlist I use when I drive far away places like Orange County and just sort of disappeared into the swim, it was great.¬†I didn’t really count laps, I just swam, but it was probably 2 miles-ish? I finished with one fast 100m swim and an easy 50 before taking off.

Tomorrow I should out in the ocean at Avila, and since the pool in Santa Maria is closed Thursday may turn into an open water day as well, we’ll see.

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