Normally Monday is Boogie Monday with a trip for me and my friend Dani down to the beach but she had a work function to attend to so I hit up Jason to see if he wanted to swim up at the lake. He’d already swam a masters workout this morning and was lukewarm on the idea but not completely opposed. Over the course of a few hours we went from a no to a maybe to a no to an I’ll-be-over-in-15 right before we hit the end of the day.

By the time he got to my office the weather was rapidly deteriorating. A little brisk, overcast, and a light sprinkling of rain… generally gross, but not bad enough to make us skip a swim. When we drive through the entrance to the park we always let them know what we’re up to. Most days they’re mildly amused, tonight the lady looked at us like we were just out of our gourds. Maybe a little I guess… :)

The part of the lake that was off limits the other day was back open so we decided to swim under the bridge and check it out. We started from a new point real close to the entrance to the park instead of our usual spot a little deeper in the park. We got ready in a light drizzle and waded down a boat ramp into the water. It felt pretty chilly, mainly because of the air temperature. I figure it’s still running mid 60′s in the water. Once I actually got in and swam a little bit it warmed up real fast and was super comfortable. Our plan was to swim down inline with the bridge and figure out where to go from there.

Once we were mid span we gazed down into the finger of the lake on the other side and tried to find something to aim for. We figured we’d just swim straight in until we hit shallow water or decided to turn around. We made a few stops en route one to pick out a tree to cut off the swim at, another for me to almost throw up after inhaling the water from one of Jason’s kicks, and one more for a mystery shape that swam past Jason. Ultimately we stopped at a big dead tree that was just shy of where it looked like it was going to start getting shallow and weedy. Typically this part of the lake isn’t actually a lake! If you look at the GPS map it looks like we did a big swim run swim tonight. I assure you however I don’t run anywhere :)

After hanging out and shooting the breeze for a while we planned to swim straight back the way we came with no stops. It’s about a 1000m shot and it was nice to get in that much uninterrupted swimming. Normally Jason is faster than me in open water while wetsuited but I kept right alongside him or within a body length on the way in. Not sure if it was because he was tired or that I was faster than usual… personally I like the last one but I suspect it was more of the first one

We wrapped up the swim with just shy of 2000m total and 43 minutes in the water. We were both really glad that we ended up doing some open water tonight. The rain was pretty much unnoticed while swimming and we had the whole place to ourselves save 2 boats fishing out in the weeds. We’re planning a big Lopez swim on Thursday and it sounds like our numbers will be way up… although you only need to get to 4 to be waaaay up :) If you’re local and you want to get in on it email me!

Tomorrow I’ll be back in the pool and if the weather is good maybe I’ll hit the beach after work and perfect falling over on a surfboard.

2 Responses to “Last Minute Lake Swim in the Rain!”

  1. Katie says:

    Yay, Jason for being a standup swim buddy and going for a second swim. Masters + OWS days are the best.

    (I’m with you on the No Running Policy.)

  2. Rob D says:

    Agreed, running is for suckers :)